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These days we think a lot about shopping and eating local. But, what about our digital media? Why not make that local too? As a big time podcast junkie, I’ve discovered that there’s a New Hampshire made podcast for practically everyone—from knitters to anglers. You don’t believe me? Check these out…


NH Knits

Broadcasting under the motto “Knit Free or Die!” NH Knits is putting the Granite State on the radar of the global knitting community. Claire, the show’s host and resident knitting wiz, serves up bi-weekly podcasts filled with interviews of “fiber folk” and details about her knitting adventures. Knitting monogamy? Latvian braids? Sweater surgery? NH Knits tackles it all.

Listen for…

“Knit Alongs”, giveaways, coverage of the Edinburgh Yarn Fest, stories about Claire’s hens (a goldmine for chicken lovers), and Claire’s lingering Scottish accent


With its awesome NHPR production, Outside/In is a show that awakens the theater of the mind. Sam Evans Brown and his team of talented producers deliver thought-provoking stories with boots on the ground reporting. Described as a show about “the natural world and how we use it,” Outside/In’s coverage of outdoor-related topics results in surprisingly human stories.

Listen for…

NH voices, tales of moose whispers, questions about invasive kiwis, and interviews with adventurers

Fish Nerds

Hosts Clay Groves and Dave Kellam are the first to admit that they have OPD—Obsessive Piscatorial Disorder. And, it might be catchy. After listening to their podcasts, I’m ready to get out my hip waders. Luckily, I’m not alone in Fish Nerd Nation. This podcast hit the top 20 on iTunes’ outdoor programming chart with its “always interesting, usually funny, and mostly true” weekly episodes. From frogging to fish orthodontia, the Fish Nerds are taking angling academia to a whole new level.

Listen for…

“Fish in the News” segments, interviews with local and national experts, fishing lore, fish recipes, and hysterically funny fishing stories

Talking Cars

During my recent car search, I beefed up my automotive knowledge by listening to podcasts. Good auto podcasts, like used cars, are hard to come by. Talking Cars is one of my favorites. Manchester mechanics Dick Horan and Ron Poirier report on the automotive world with humor and expert insight. If you’re hoping to move from “that filter thingy” to phrases that will buy you street cred (or at least allow you to communicate with your mechanic) this could be your new show.

Listen for…

Car and truck Q&A, automotive news (Tesla, anyone?), coverage of statewide auto-related issues, and winter tire wisdom 

Doors to Opportunity

With over 100 episodes, Doors to Opportunity is a treasure trove of info about New Hampshire’s job market. Hosted by Susan Huard, President of Manchester Community College, the 30-minute podcast covers higher ed and career topics through the lens of New Hampshire. Susan explains that, “Our goal for this show was to provide information, ideas and inspiration to help you reach your dreams.” Read: you need this on your iPod.

Listen for…

Industry profiles, employment trends, conversations with NH workers, wisdom for those pursuing higher-ed, and interviews with Stay Work Play’s own Kate Luczko

What’s your favorite New Hampshire podcast? I’d love to hear about it! Sound off in the comments below or give me a holler on Twitter @JactheWriter.

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  1. Stephen MeaderOctober 11, 2018 at 4:24 pm #

    What a great article! Since this was written so many more have popped up. There’s an awesome list at

  2. Sandra WellsJanuary 5, 2021 at 3:04 pm #


    Sandra Wells wrote three murder mystery books, all set in the Seacoast, since March. All three, now published, were written on her smartphone.

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