Looking for a great place to get your German food fix in New Hampshire?

There are not a lot of authentic German Bakeries in New Hampshire, but at German John’s, they are doing it old-school with their own homemade sourdough cultures and natural ingredients. Located in the small town of Hillsborough, German John’s has a large variety of fresh baked breads, rolls, cookies and desserts as well as many other products from Germany.057_2

One reason for my visit was to try the fresh, soft and chewy pretzels!

One thing I want you to know about German pretzels, don’t go trying to put mustard on these chewy treats. Germans eat their pretzels with only unsalted butter to enhance the flavor, save the mustard for the sausage! During my visit, I also had the rare opportunity for a sneak peak in the back of the bakery where I found some fresh baked Pfeffernusse. The tiny spice cookies were waiting for their seasonal decorating. The bakery was very busy, but everyone made time to stop and talk about local events and make friends. Of course when I went, the talk was all about if anyone had their power back from the recent storm!

070_2During the off-season, on certain days, you can also grab a Bratwurst lunch or German soups. They also have a variety of sausages and meats. Don’t forget to pick up some bread and German mustard to go along with your meats! From time to time German John’s also has special events. You can check out the special events page on their website for more info. The next event is Saturday December 13th for the annual tasting event. Sample the great breads and Christmas specialties. I will be there to pick up another bag of goodies to include the box of chocolate covered cherries I had my eye on during my visit!

044_2German John’s is located at 5 West Main Street in Hillsborough. You can contact them at 603-464-5079, brotzeit3@yahoo.com or visit their website.

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