Making NH Home: Who is New Hampshire Housing?

Hidden Pond photoTo rent or to own? How do you budget for housing? Should I live in a city or a small town? Finding housing in New Hampshire often raises a lot of questions, and it’s not as simple as it seems sometimes!

But did you know there was a statewide resource for that? New Hampshire Housing is a statewide housing finance agency, or “HFA” for short. Every state has one, and our role is to offer unique homeownership, rental assistance, and affordable housing financing options for low- and moderate-income individuals and families. Basically, we are in the business of helping Granite State residents accomplish the “Stay” part of Stay Work Play.

Here is a quick overview of how we do what we do:

  • Homeownership: We offer a range of safe, affordable mortgage programs that have extra features like assistance for downpayment and closing costs that can help moderate income borrowers overcome financial barriers to owning a home. We also help connect people to homeownership education classes and resources so buyers can become successful owners.
  • Renting: For very low-income residents, we offer a Housing Choice Voucher (commonly called “Section 8”) program that offers rent subsidies. We also keep updated lists of both market rate and subsidized apartments that are available around the state, and have a directory of rent-assisted housing.
  • Financing affordable housing: We offer for- and nonprofit housing developers funding that helps support the creation of affordable rental housing. Through a variety of federal programs, we can help developers create apartment complexes that are both profitable for them and reasonably priced for renters.
  • Policy and Information: Feeling the need to embrace your inner data nerd, or just curious about the housing market? We offer housing needs studies, monthly foreclosure and housing market updates, data about ownership and rental prices, and demographic data.

We’ll be posting every month for Stay Work Play’s blog about a housing-related topic. Whether you have questions about finding a home, budgeting for housing costs, or just how to start decorating your new place, we hope you’ll find some helpful tips here. If you have any questions or suggestions for topics, feel free to add comments below. You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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