Making NH Home: Q+A with Courtney Daniel of No To Patterns

Radio show host, stationary designer, and entrepreneur, Courtney Daniel is a nationally recognized award winning business owner and a woman who wears many hats. Originally from Georgia, Courtney moved to New Hampshire eight years ago (and she’s sort of gotten used to the snow)! 

Courtney is the founder of No To Patterns™, a membership organization born out of necessity to address the lack of accommodations available to Black, African American, and People of Color who live on the Seacoast. I reached out to Courtney to hear more about No To Patterns™ and her advice for making New Hampshire home.

What are some of the challenges for Black, African American, and POC living in New Hampshire?

“Based on my own personal experiences upon moving to New Hampshire, there were no business resources available, community groups, or organizations for Black, African Americans or People of Color. If these organizations existed, they were difficult to find. For a long time I didn’t feel like there was a community I could feel a part of. While I remained hopeful to find and feel a sense of belonging I decided to become active in my community. The daily interactions were used as research to provide insight about what was available to minorities here in the state. The people I encountered and interacted with became my sounding board. I asked a lot of probing questions. Although these questions were not specific to Blacks, African Americans or People of Color, the answers from community members were used as a roadmap. 

We’d converse about local business chapters, who has the best networking events in the area, what type of events are held for women owned businesses, etc. Over the years I also realized there were no publicly displayed or announced events for people of color here on the Seacoast. Searching the internet showed events happening outside of the state or at least an hour away. If you’re a mom, there’s a lot of planning that goes into attending an event in Boston or Manchester. I often wondered how many more people were experiencing what I had upon moving to the state. These personal experiences allowed room for the creation of my online community No To Patterns™.  I’m a true believer in finding solutions to help grow and make our community a better place.”

What does No To Patterns aim to do (and how)?

No To Patterns™ was born under The Courtney Daniel Brand and out of necessity to address the lack of accommodations available to Black, African-American and People of Color (POC) who live on the Seacoast. Creating a community for those who are considering moving to the Seacoast area and nurturing those who have called New Hampshire home is our mission.

If families of color are interested in calling New Hampshire home we have to be able to provide them with a resource, a step above an online directory. Having this valuable piece of information to populate when someone does a google search not only excites the seeker, but it puts NH on the road of no longer being known as one of the whitest states. 

We have the ear of our community. There are leaders who want to become allies, people of color who want to connect on a deeper level and moms who want to have virtual girls night out. Whatever our community is seeking, No To Patterns™ will help to find.

No To Patterns™ is an online membership community welcoming all races, genders, and easily accessible to those with a smart device, pc, laptop or android. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home when you can log in with a user ID and password.  Each week new content is delivered in the form of a readable document, live or pre-recorded interview, business features, or Q&A session. Members have the opportunity to view, listen and read at their leisure. Active members have a lifetime access to all content.

NTP offers the space for all to continue to connect without feeling as though they have to compromise their health. Not only are we able to provide connection for people of color, we are also able to converse and invite our allies into our space for stronger community bonding. We strive to play a key role in community connection and strengthening.”

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