Making Truffles in Downtown Manchester

Two words; Chocolate. Truffles. After I heard chocolate truffles I was sold, sign me up!
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The Dancing Lion is a small chocolate café with a larger than life flavor. If you enjoy trying new sweets, you have step into the Dancing Lion right on Elm Street in downtown Manchester!
local truffles
I have lived in Manchester for a fair amount of time and have enjoyed going out of my way to try a new sandwich shop or café. We are so fortunate enough to have so many small business owners in this area that willing to take their culinary art to the next level. I have walked by the Dancing Lion and have always wondered what was inside. It seemed mysterious (in a good way) and completely different than anything else around. My only thing was, I just was never in the mood to have a nice chocolate (I know, who am I?!). When I had the opportunity to take a course on making chocolate truffles, my thoughts were A) yum! B) how unique C) wait, what’s a truffle again?
I had to sign up, and quickly learned what I thought I knew about the Dancing Lion and truffle making was completely different!
local truffles
The Dancing Lion is everything chocolate and more, but I will get to that later. Let’s get talking truffles! I need to say that the way that I view chocolate is now completely different, and I have to thank the Dancing Lion for educating me with taste on what real chocolate is. I have always loved chocolate, but now I really love chocolate.
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If you like to bake, eat, watch cooking shows, or even just want to try something new, I highly suggest checking out this course. The course runs from 6-8pm, and is normally during the work week. If you’re the kind of person who just wants to relax after a long day of work, this is a great option! For two hours you learn about what real chocolate looks and taste like, the difference in chocolates, how to create crowd pleaser ganache (the emulsion of chocolate and heavy cream), and the best part is you get to taste everything!
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local truffles

I love to bake, I do it all the time. I feel that I have a pretty good understanding on the basics of baking, I’ve made ganache a millions times. This course, taught me so much! It not only taught me techniques, but it taught me how to appreciate chocolate and remain patient. The truffles that we made were not an overpowering ball of chocolate, like ones I have tried in the past. They were light and full of flavor. This I later learned was the difference between different types of chocolates. Rich Tango-Lowy; the Master Chocolatier, was amazing and the whole experience was so hands-on, you truly felt like you were part of the Dancing Lion. It is truly special to see someone that enjoys what they do and who wants to share with others.
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local truffles

If you want something new to try for a date night or even a night out with friends, I highly suggest the Dancing Lion! The Dancing Lion has a wide range menu from chocolates to Stuffed Grape Leaves with Rice, Dill & Dark Milk Chocolate. If a truffle making course isn’t your thing, head over to their website to check-out some of the other amazing courses they offer, I know I will!

Thanks again to the Dancing Lion for the invitation to participate in this class as a Stay Work Play blogger!

local truffles

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  1. Richard Tango-LowyJuly 14, 2015 at 9:13 pm #

    Great article, Emily. It was a pleasure to have you in our Crafting a True Truffle class! Keep on the good work on StayWorkPlay.

    Kind regards,

    Rich Tango-Lowy
    Dancing Lion Chocolate

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