Meet Our 2014 “Leadership Development Program of the Year”

Leadership College


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What is the Leadership College program (for people who don’t know)?

Leadership College is a program designed to inform student leaders about the opportunities available to them here in the Granite State. It is over a weekend during the school year and attracts participants at higher education institutions across the state.

What was your first thought when Leadership College was announced as the Leadership Development Program of the Year?


When we were nominated, I was honored that one of Leadership NH’s alumni felt so strongly that this was a program worthy of recognition. When we found out we were a finalist, it took that emotion to another level. When the announcement was made, it was unbelievable that our little program was awarded as the top Leadership Development program in the state.

Why was the program started?

The program was started with the same initiative as Stay Work Play by Governor John Lynch. There was a need identified by our state’s leaders that our students needed exposure to the opportunities to begin and hold their careers here.

How effective is Leadership College at achieving its goals?

The program is still relatively new. With around 75 participants since its inception, we have heard strong feedback about the ways in which this program has changed their impressions of New Hampshire. Of course, our ultimate goal is to have 100% of our participants stayed in the state but we are happy with the small successes we have had so far.

What is the best part about the program?

Watching the participants faces literally change as they hear inspiring stories of ways to have a career here. Many did not think that an organization such as Dyn existed here and it’s inspirational to know that we are helping our students make informed decisions about where to look for work after graduation.

What are your future plans or goals for Leadership College?

We would like to see a bigger number of participants in the program – cast the net wider. Also, we’re looking forward to working closely with Stay Work Play to present our program in a format which will allow it to have the biggest impact.

We know you love the Granite State, so tell us:

What is your favorite “hole-in-the-wall” eatery?

Saalt Pub in Gorham

Where is your favorite weekend-getaway?

North Conway

What is your favorite season and what makes it your favorite?

End of Summer/Early Fall – the temperatures are perfect and the scenery is amazing.

How do you love to spend a rainy day in NH?

Shopping at one of our great outlets.

What is your fondest NH memory?

Summer camping trips up north.

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