Meet Our 2016 “People’s Choice for Coolest Companies for Young Professionals”

ReVision Energy

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What was your first thought when you realized ReVision Energy was chosen as the “People’s Choice for Coolest Company?”

Beyond thrilled! We work hard to make ReVision Energy an attractive place to work.

A whopping 78% of you workforce is under the age of 40. How does ReVision Energy recruit and retain young professionals?

Our company culture and mission is attractive to our employees who have found ReVision Energy from being a customer or knowing people who work here. In addition to referrals, we partner with high schools, colleges and work with community campuses to recruit young talent.

We visit middle and high school classrooms throughout the state to educate students on solar energy and how it works – Hillside Middle School in Manchester, Proctor Academy, and Phillips Exeter Academy, to name a few. At Ellis School in Fremont, we created a hands-on student experience with SEREAI, a local nonprofit, to install a solar thermal system for the school’s greenhouse. We’ve participated in high school career and internship fairs at Winnacunnet High School for the past three years. The Longview School in Deerfield has visited our showroom and warehouse to learn more about how solar works and the career opportunities in the industry. One of our female electrical apprentices/solar installers put together a hands-on workshop for middle-high school girls learning how electricity and solar power works. We’ve also led workshops for the Girls Technology Day initiative in collaboration with the NH High Technology Council.

By partnering with schools, we can continue to educate students and young people about solar energy. At Plymouth State University, we’ve given tours and presentations of their solar array. And University of NH students have toured the solar field in the Town of Durham and learned details about the operations and technical aspects of the project.

One of our goals is to develop a formal internship program. We currently find interns through the University of NH Career and Internship Fairs and recommendations by colleagues. A partnership will help with recruitment efforts and create a consistent workforce pipeline.

What do you do to provide a stimulating work environment?

Employees are encouraged to think like owners and are empowered to share ideas and best practices so everyone is engaged. And tie-dye Thursdays, a dog friendly workplace, Monday morning breakfast pizza, coffee delivery on cold work days and an annual Solstice Party help the culture thrive!

Is there an interesting fact about your company that many people are not aware of?

About 30% (and growing!) of employees have our renewable energy systems installed in their own homes. A few fun facts from our employees:

  • James recently installed a 5.2 kW solar electric array with several different module manufactures to see how they stack up against each other. This unique set-up uses Enphase module-level data monitoring, so that each panel’s performance can be compared against a similar module (same rated output but different brands). Beyond being a fun experiment, the system will generate 110% of his household’s electricity, helping them achieve net zero consumption.
  • Dan’s home in Madbury sports a 9.44 kw photovoltaic array powering a 5 zone multi split heat pump and a heat pump water heater, covering 100% of the homes annual energy needs.
  • Craig is constantly working on ways to make his 1970’s home more energy efficient. He has a wood pellet boiler that was installed in 2005, solar hot water, and a 8.25 kW PV system. Craig’s next project is the installation of an Air Source Heat Pump to heat and cool his house – powered by his solar array! He also drives a converted Chevy S-10 to run on 100% electric power, with a license plate that reads, naturally, NO4NOIL.

How do you continue to encourage growth and learning for your employees?

Our tuition reimbursement program allows everyone the opportunity to participate in a study of their choice. Tuition includes electrical, plumbing and HVAC licenses and schooling, NABCEP certifications, professional development and leadership programs among many other diverse curricula. In addition to education, our distributed leadership model encourages employees to participate in leadership groups where become leaders themselves in an alternative role they are passionate about such as the Green Team, Safety and Engineering.

We know you love the Granite State, so tell us:

What’s your favorite “hidden gem?”

The historic Lindy’s Country Store in Brentwood is our go-to for Monday morning breakfast pizzas. Women-owned Throwback Brewery on the seacoast is the win for their tasty farm-fresh brews in a beautiful historic solar powered barn setting.

What’s your favorite restaurant and item on the menu?

“The Epping” at Hammersmith in Epping.

Where’s your favorite place to get away for the weekend?

Nansen Ski Club for some winter skiing and AMC Cardigan for a summer trek.

Ice cream or pizza? Where do you go to get your favorite?

Favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s because they’re a fellow Certified B-Corporation. Favorite (non-breakfast) pizza is Flatbread Company. They make a point to source organic ingredients locally.

Which city/town in NH have you yet to visit but look forward to when time presents itself? What do you want to do once you get there?

Bristol to enjoy the pristine waters of Newfound Lake.

Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset? And where in NH do you catch the best?

Sunrise, of course! Sunshine makes our world go round. Best view is from the rooftops where we install solar arrays.

*Answers submitted by Heather Fournier, Branch Manager – Office & Marketing, ReVision Energy

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