Meet Our 2016 “‘Shire Story of the Year” Award Winner

David Hutchings

Photo by Allegra Boverman Photography.

Photo by Allegra Boverman Photography.

What was your reaction when you heard your name called to receive the “‘Shire Story of the Year” award?

It was pure excitement and joy! When all of the nominee’s videos were playing, I was excited but also nervous. When it was time for the winner to be picked, I had gone from “semi” nervous to “edge-of-my-seat” nervous. Finally, when my name was called I was happy and grateful beyond words; followed by more nervousness as I realized that meant I had to go up on stage. The excitement stayed the rest of the night.

What did you enjoy most about making your ‘Shire Story video?

It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite part about making ANY video. I do a lot of filming as well as editing. I love the feeling right after putting the finishing touches on any video project. However, I don’t think there was any one part I loved more than the other for the ‘Shire Story video. The brainstorming, filming, and editing were all a blast!

Are you a NH native, a “boomerang” or a transplant from another place? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

Technically, I was born in Massachusetts; BUT I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life. From two homes in Windham, to dorm life in Durham, to an apartment in Derry, and finally back to my home town, I have always been a New Hampshire native! Not that I haven’t done a fair share of traveling around the states, but my home has always been in the ‘Shire.

What would an ideal day in the Granite State look like to you? Where would you go and what would you do?

I’d imagine a “perfect day” in the Granite State would have to incorporate some motorcycle riding along the coast on route 1A, lunch at the Tuckaway Tavern, an afternoon spent on the water at Squam Lake, dinner at either the Woodstock Inn or Portsmouth Brewery, some star gazing on any of the beach spots in Rye, and then hit up the Red Arrow Diner (I particularly like the one in Londonderry) for some late night food!

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of moving to New Hampshire?

If you’re thinking about or planning on moving to New Hampshire: get used to using the word “wicked” as a positive adjective in most sentences, having a vehicle with AWD is a MUST so when it snows driving is still fun (and you can get places!), and accept the fact that your threshold for “warm” water is now 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

We know you love the Granite State, so tell us:

What’s your favorite “hidden gem?”

I have a few favorite “hidden gems” in New Hampshire. The West Rattlesnake Mountain trail in Holderness is a short (25-45 minutes depending on pace) yet extremely rewarding hike that overlooks Squam Lake! Griffin Park in Windham is an awesome public park with six tennis courts, many basketball courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, and Johnson’s Farm Stand with ice cream and farm fresh vegetables right next door! The Manchester Chipotle on South Willow Street has some of if not the nicest workers and best food (somehow it’s just better there) of any Chipotle I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a LOT of different Chipotle’s).

What’s your favorite restaurant and item on the menu?

The Portsmouth Brewery is a fantastic restaurant with a great selection of home-brewed beer as well! I personally will not make a trip there without ordering the pulled-pork nachos.

Where’s your favorite place to get away for the weekend?

In the winter, my favorite place to getaway for the weekend is definitely Gunstock in Gilford! In the summer, my favorite spot to get away is Squam Lake.

Ice cream or pizza? Where do you go to get your favorite?

Not so much an ice cream person as I am a frappe person, but the best frappe’s can be found at Johnson’s Farm next to Griffin Park (ask for them extra thick!). Hands down, the best pizza is at Prosciutto’s Pizza in Londonderry.

Which city/town in NH have you yet to visit but look forward to when time presents itself? What do you want to do once you get there?

I have yet to visit Berlin but I look forward to the day I do! Many of my friends snowmobile there and I have always wanted to join them!

Do you prefer the sunrise of the sunset? And where in NH do you catch the best?

I take sunrise over sunset any day of the week, and the best way to see it is via hot air balloon (High 5 Ballooning). As beautiful as the sunrise can be on top of any of New Hampshire’s mountains, nothing even comes close to being in a hot air balloon and looking out to see the sun rise over Hampton or Rye Beach.

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