Meet Katelyn Krumperman


Meet Katelyn Krumperman, one of NH’s awesome young people!

Age: 29

Hometown: Lincoln, NH

What do you do for work? Currently, I work for Garnet Hill in Franconia, NH. I work in the Marketing Department on the Web Site. My official title is Digital Commerce Web Associate – Liquidations.

What makes you love your job? Well to begin with, I probably have the most beautiful commute in the world. Every day I get to drive through Franconia Notch State Park – one of the beautiful wonders of New Hampshire. Having lived in Colorado for three years after college, every time I drive through the Notch, I feel like I am back in Colorado.  The other day on my commute, I saw a bear on the slopes of Cannon and a couple of guys fishing on Profile Lake who as I was driving by caught a huge fish. How many other people can say that they saw that on their morning drive? The Notch always has a different weather pattern than anywhere else. It could be sunny when I leave Lincoln and cool and misty as I drive through the Notch and that’s what makes it so majestic and special.

Garnet Hill is located on Main Street in the town of Franconia, about 5-10 minutes north of Franconia Notch State Park. If you blink, you’ll miss the town. It’s your typical small New England town – small and quaint. It’s the kind of town where everyone knows your name. And from anywhere on Main Street, you have the most beautiful views of the White Mountains. It is absolutely beautiful.

Are there any misconceptions about living in a mountain town? 15 minutes South of the Notch, sits the mountain town of Lincoln, NH.  Back in the day, Lincoln was a mining town and thrived on the local mining, now it thrives on Loon Mountain and the White Mountain National Forest.  It is a tourist trap especially in the fall and winter months. Located 2 hours North of Boston, Lincoln is right off of 93 North and makes for a perfect get away from the city. (Can you tell that I used to work for Loon Mountain as the Marketing Manager). Like any tourist town, you have to get used to your town being filled with tourists certain times of the year. You learn to appreciate the “off seasons” a little bit more when certain stores close down for the spring after the winter months or in the fall after leaf peeping season is over.

But if you like to live where you play rather than live and travel to play, living in a mountain town is the way to go. Yeah, you might not make the most money but you can do everything you want to out your front door and that is the beauty of living in a ski/mountain town.

What do you like to do in your free time? It depends on the time of year but in the winter I like to ski (have been for 26 years). In the fall I like to hike and road/mountain bike. In the spring I like to run and road bike. In the summer I pretty much am doing everything outside; road and mountain bike, fly fish, run, hike, kayak, etc. And I can do everything out my front door. We live where everyone comes for vacation and there’s something to be said for that.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Right where I am. I have found my nitch. Everything I want is right here in New Hampshire. I lived in Telluride for three years after college. It was the most amazing ski/mountain town and I loved that everyone was so active in the outdoors. But being away from my family was tough. So I made my way back East and found myself in New Hampshire. I went to school in Vermont, my family has a house in Vermont, I was a Vermont snob until I found my way in New Hampshire. The mountains are different, the people are different, and it reminds me of Colorado every day. I have found my Telluride in New Hampshire right here in Lincoln and Franconia. Living in New England I don’t have to fly home to see my family – I can hop in my car and see my brother in Vermont and hour away, my sister in Maine 2 hours away and my parents in CT 3 hours away. It has taken me a couple of years to find my way but I finally did and I couldn’t be happier. It’s nice when everything falls into place even if it takes awhile 😉

Thanks for sharing with us, Katelyn. New Hampshire is glad to have you!