Meet Local Leader Ben Dion of Manchester

Here on the Stay Work Play blog, we’re celebrating young leaders across the state who have stepped up to participate in the political process! “Meet Local Leader…” is a series highlighting the people under forty who are leading their communities at the local level.



Appointed Position Held:

Board of School Committee for Manchester Ward 9

Occupation and Employer:

Vendor Enablement Associate at Bottomline Technologies

Number of Years in NH:


Favorite Place in NH:

My hometown of Manchester.

Describe NH in three words:

Vibrant, eclectic, potential.

First Year Appointed to the Position:


Priorities While Serving:

The students of the Manchester School District.

Tell us about your “Path to Politics” — what made you decide to get involved?

I was appointed by Alderman Shaw to fill the position of Board of School Committee representing Ward 9 of Manchester for the reminder of the term ending in January of 2022.

What is the most pressing issue facing young people in NH?

Affordable housing.

How could NH be made even better for young people?

More accessibility to public transportation.

What advice would you give to another young person interested in getting involved in local politics in NH?

Get involved in your local government early and often!

How can committees, boards, and the local and state legislatures be more supportive in encouraging more young people to run for office?

Making the meeting times accessible for people with all different types of work schedules.

Can you recommend a resource for young people that are interested in learning more about politics, policies and bills, and advocacy?

Most committees are public meetings. Go to them, get involved, ask questions.

For fun, tell us something about yourself that others may not know!

My first job was as a Bat Boy for the NH Fisher Cats during their first season in Manchester at Gill Stadium.

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