Meet Local Leader Bianca Acebron Peco of Webster

Here on the Stay Work Play blog, we’re celebrating young leaders across the state who have stepped up to participate in the political process! “Meet Local Leader…” is a series highlighting the people under forty who are leading their communities at the local level!

Meet Bianca Acebron Peco!

Last year, voters in Webster elected the first all female Select Board in the town’s history. (Wow!) Among them was Bianca Acebron Peco, the youngest of the three. Bianca has an MBA from Franklin Pierce University and is now a Public Involvement Specialist for Burns and McDonnell and the Founder of The Torta Group. Bianca’s family immigrated to the United States from San Sebastián de Los Reyes, Spain and has been in New Hampshire ever since. Bianca grew up in Bow and now lives in Webster.

Tell us about your “Path to Politics” — what made you decide to get involved?

It all started in 2nd grade when my sister would pick on me for not being born in Spain like everyone in my family. My teacher at the time, Mrs. Barton, told me I could be President because I was born in the US. Since then it’s always been my passion. From Kids Vote NH, school offices, and student body President at Franklin Pierce University, I just never stopped being involved.

What’s the number one thing you hope to accomplish while in office?

Transparency within office. I was fortunate to win and be a part of the first ever all female Select Board in the state. People being more inclusive of people, and that’s what I’ve done so far.

What advice would you give to another young person interested in getting involved in local politics in NH?

No one tells you when it’s your time to run. You run when you feel ready, and if you create a primary, so be it. That’s the beauty of Democracy.

What advice do you have for citizen advocates?

You can always get involved. Just because you have a title doesn’t give you more power than someone else. Be vocal, be active, and stand up for what’s right, even if no one is watching.

Finally, just for fun, tell us something about yourself that will surprise people.

I am a mom. My son, who was born March 5, 2020, was the first baby in Webster to be born to a sitting Select person in town history.

Also, I live on a lake, but don’t like water!

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