Meet One of Our 2013 “Coolest Companies for Young Professionals” – SilverTech

Photo credit: Matthew Lomanno Photography

2013 Winners of the Coolest Companies for Young Professionals Award, along with NH Public Radio President & CEO, Betsy Gardella, and Stay Work Play Executive Director, Kate Luczko
Photo credit: Matthew Lomanno Photography

How did you feel when SilverTech was named one of the Coolest Companies for Young Professionals?

It is very exciting to be named a Coolest Company for Young Professionals because it means that the values we find “cool” align with what future business leaders find important.

How would you describe the work environment at SilverTech?

Our workspace encourages creativity and collaboration. Operating out of the historic Ash Street School, we’re constantly reminded that our industry is constantly changing – which inspires us to keep on top of new trends and technologies.

Our Facebook and Pinterest pages give a pretty good overview of what it’s like on a typical day: intense strategy sessions in a conference room one minute, sing-alongs to old commercial jingles in the open-concept production suite the next.

What is SilverTech doing to attract and retain young professionals?

The sky is the limit for professional advancement. In the past year, more than 11 SilverTechians earned promotions, advancing their roles to team leaders, managers, and directors within the organization. Five of the 11 promotions included interns becoming formally-employed team members.

The members of our team are our strongest advocates; the passion they have for SilverTech is by far our most effective recruitment tool because we’re always on the lookout for smart, talented people to join our team.

We also celebrate the personality and contributions of each member of the team. Every employee has a bio page on the SilverTech website. Though we didn’t initially concept this to be a formal recruiting tool, it’s become a feature that appeals to young professionals considering joining our team. New hires report that they felt like they were able to get to know their new colleagues ahead of time, while being reassured that their expertise and individuality would be celebrated once they got here.

What is your favorite part about working for SilverTech?

My favorite part of SilverTech is our culture. Do good, work hard, and have fun.

There are great perks (fantastic benefits that include full health coverage for employees and their families, a fun, a company-wide overnight holiday party in a Northern New Hampshire inn, etc.), but the idea around why they exist in the first place is really the driving force behind our culture. We truly care about each other and want to help each other grow professionally and as a company. We have a pool table not because it looks cool or to say we do, but because some of our best ideas happen when we’re around it.

Sometimes, it’s what happens outside of the office that makes the company culture so positive. We like to do good together. Everyone is encouraged to be involved in their communities, and is able to do so because of SilverTech’s flexible scheduling and support. We’re little league coaches and college professors – and a whole lot in between.

Inside the office, everyone is empowered to make SilverTech awesome. The full company meets every Friday for what we’ve affectionately named Fireside Chats. During this time, all work stops and we laugh, de-stress, dish out kudos, provide feedback, make suggestions and celebrate a successful work week with updates on projects, new trends and anything else anyone may want to discuss.

What plans or programs does SilverTech usually develop for clients that makes digital marketing a successful part of their business?

SilverTech was born digital, as an IT and internet service provider that quickly saw opportunity in helping companies participate in the fledgling online revolution. And though we have come a long way from those days (check out our first website from 1996), the Internet continues to evolve, and so do we.

Digital marketing is so much more than simply having a website, so while we help businesses create strategies and plans that work, we also can expertly integrate them into the technology systems that fuel business operations. And because we’ve taken the time to intimately understand our clients’ businesses, we become involved in the holistic business efforts. We create marketing for smarter business.

jen-nickulasJen Nickulas is a content strategist and marketing specialist at SilverTech, a digital marketing agency in Manchester, NH. Her background is in communications, renewable energy and healthcare marketing. Jen’s passions include roller derby, digital strategy and writing. Dislikes include bad manners, run-on sentences and poorly-architected websites. Follow her on twitter @darnitjen.

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