Meet One of Our 2014 “Coolest Companies for Young Professionals”

Calypso Communications

Photo credit: Allegra Boverman Photography

Photo credit: Allegra Boverman Photography

What is it about your company’s culture that attracts young professionals?

As a young professional at Calypso, I am empowered to make decisions to effect change within the company, and I’m constantly pulled out of my comfort zone with challenging assignments that ultimately lead to professional growth.

How does Calypso promote a work-life-balance?

It’s been clear from day one that Calypso’s leadership wants to help employees achieve an effective balance in their work and family/personal life. The team provides a supportive workplace that values and trusts the staff. Calypso offers traditional holidays closures, birthday holidays, summer Fridays, and flexible scheduling options.

What does Calypso do to keep its employees motivated?

Calypso motivates the team by showcasing internal integrity and intelligence. The company’s leadership is committed to developing the team’s talents and continuous learning is supported and encouraged.

How does Calypso’s internship program compete with other companies?

Our internship program is designed to be extremely hands-on and interactive. Interns assist the team in all aspects of the company’s core competencies, including PR initiatives, marketing programs, design, account management support and reporting, media relations, copywriting, and market research. A Calypso intern can expect to participate in everything from presentation preparation to brainstorming sessions to client meetings (No coffee runs—trust me—I was once an intern myself!).

What do you like best about working at Calypso Communications?

I love working with some of the most motivated, driven, and talented people in my industry—who also happen to be my friends. There’s never a dull moment in the day when passionately creative people who understand the importance of collaboration surround you. Calypso team members are also really in-tune with the community in which we work, and they’re involved in different organizations and causes that each add another layer to daily life in our open office.

How do you remain creative in your work?

I keep up with blogs, industry news, and social media feeds on a daily basis. I learn from and collaborate with really smart co-workers within an open office environment. I physically move from my sitting desk to a standing workstation from time to time to gain a whole new perspective on the task at hand. If all else fails, a group coffee break usually does the trick.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Portsmouth for a bite with the Calypso team?

There are so many delicious choices! We tend to frequent Ceres Bakery quite a bit. They always have fresh, delicious specials, and other salad and sandwich options to suit even the pickiest of eaters. Side note: cash only!

We know you love the Granite State, so tell us:

What is your favorite “hole-in-the-wall” eatery?

Savario’s for a delicious slice!

Where is your favorite weekend-getaway?

Any NH beach, preferably one with no cell service.

What is your favorite season and what makes it your favorite?

Summer: beach time, iced coffee, farmers’ markets, yoga and concerts at Prescott Park.

How do you love to spend a rainy day in NH?

Ducking in and out of Portsmouth’s best boutique shops!

What is your fondest NH memory?

Summer swim meets at the Jenny Thompson Outdoor Pool.

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