Meet State Rep. Brodie Deshaies



Area represented:

Carroll 6, Wolfeboro

Occupation and employer:

Independent Contractor, Self-employed.

Number of years in NH:


Favorite place in NH:

Without a doubt, my favorite place in New Hampshire is Wolfeboro, the Jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee. My second favorite place is North Conway because I love New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Describe NH in three words:

Resilient. Caring. Innovative.

Year first year elected to the legislature:


Legislative priorities:

Ensure New Hampshire is always the best place to raise a family and start a business. Combat the opioid crisis and drug addiction. Investing in our state’s infrastructure and promoting environmentally-friendly forms of energy.

What was your path to politics?

I got my start by working for Senator Kelly Ayotte’s re-election campaign. Since then, I’ve been very involved with the NHGOP and state politics, and I’ve worked on other political campaigns. I decided to run for public office so my community would have a new voice down in Concord.

What barriers did you face running for office? How did you overcome them?

Fundraising was difficult, as it is for any first time candidate. I used some of my connections and skills that I’ve acquired from working on political campaigns to overcome this challenge. Many generous, grassroots supporters were able to help me.

What is the most pressing issue facing young people in NH?

Housing and drug addiction. Both disproportionately affect younger Granite Staters.

How could NH be made even better for young people?

Incentivizing and increasing private housing developments and promoting better drug rehabilitation programs throughout New Hampshire.

What advice do you have for other young people considering running for office?

You don’t need to know the answer to everything. Definitely know what you stand for, stick to your guns, and be willing to learn and compromise. People like their public officials to listen, to learn, and to collaborate in order to solve issues.

How can the state legislature be more supportive in encouraging more young people to run for office?

Our state legislature is the most accessible in the nation and it has the most flexible schedule of any legislature in the country. Just get involved and stand up for what you believe in.

Can you recommend a resource for young people that are interested in learning more about politics, policy and bills, or advocacy?

Google is helpful but talking to people in your community does not compare to any resource. Meet with local officials and community leaders. Identify experts and build relationships with them. Be willing to learn.

For fun, tell us something about yourself that others may not know!

I was the captain of my high school’s 4x800m relay team that won the NH Division 2 State Championship in 2017.

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