Microadventures in the North Country

I’m a transplant to New Hampshire’s North Country. My prior life found me living just outside of Boston, but traveling north nearly every weekend to New Hampshire’s lakes and mountains. I came here looking for a better work-life balance, living closer to the places where I recreate. Now nestled in amidst the Whites, I’ve moved beyond Weekend Warrior status and found a new love of microadventures.

Sunset hikes after work.


British adventurer and author Alastair Humpreys popularized the term microadventure. He describes a microadventure as “an adventure that is short, simple, local, cheap – yet still fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding.” His book and blog go into detail on the concept and offer inspiration.

Here in New Hampshire we enjoy a unique opportunity to partake in microadventures. No matter where you are in the state, you’re never far from the outdoors. Be it hiking the White Mountains, kayaking in the Lakes Region, or surfing the Seacoast, opportunity abounds.

Evening laps at Echo Crag.

In Defense of the Not-Quite-Epic

The antithesis of the microadventure: the epic. Epics find you out on a multi-day haul, trekking deep into the Wild River Wilderness with all manner of survival strapped to your back. A single-day push over the Presidentials, or a multi-pitch ascent of Cannon Mountain’s imposing cliff. At least one thing goes wrong. Usually more than one. Type II fun. The good stuff. The days you regale anyone willing to listen over and over again.

Then the Not-Quite-Epic. The four-mile trail runs with your dog. Paddling on Moore Reservoir until sunset. Quick laps at the local crag. Hiking up that short trail to an overlook in the dark to capture the stars.

The golden hour at Moore Reservoir.

These activities won’t win anyone a Piolets d’Or by any stretch. But I can promise you’ll achieve more microadventures than epics. Work more microadventures into your evening plans and you’ll find your work and life much more in balance.

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