Mt. Zealand


If you know me, you’re know I’m not one to say “Hey guys, let’s go for a hike!” on a Saturday morning, or any morning for that matter. But I would if you mentioned we would be climbing up Mt. Zealand.

Growing up, my family would hike this every summer and stay in the hut! It’s an easy 2.8 mile hike – I’ve even seen a moose while huffing and puffing on the trail. For someone who doesn’t l-o-v-e outdoor activities that involve breaking a sweat, I’d recommend this to just about anyone. Staying in the hut is an experience. I can’t say I miss the wool blankets but the people you meet while you’re sharing a meal or checking out the falls steps away from your bunk is well worth it.  I even earned a Junior Naturalist patch or two. Plan a trip with a group of friends, your family or your favorite person – have fun!

Located in Zealand Notch, the former scene of indiscriminate logging and devastating fires in the nineteenth century, this hut occupies a choice four-season spot near waterfalls and outstanding views at the eastern edge of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. A popular family destination, this is the perfect place to spot a moose and other abundant wildlife — and to go cross-country skiing.

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