My Time at Stay Work Play

Time really does fly by. It feels like just yesterday I was starting my internship at Stay Work Play! These past four months have been nothing short of amazing. The skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout my time here are things that I will remember forever. I believe that experiences are so important in life. They mold you into the person you are. The experiences that I now have from this organization will not only help advance my career but will also help shape me into the person I become.

My focus these past few months has been on social media and content creation. We can all agree that social media is huge these days. How your brand comes across on each social platform can help with your brand’s success. I truly enjoyed being behind the scenes of this organization’s social media platforms. It’s so fun to see all your hard work come together and be successful. I thought I was on social media a lot before, but that doesn’t compare to anything now!

There is still so much about NH that I don’t know. However, I know much more now than I did four months ago. Opportunities here are endless. I am eager to continue to learn about what NH has to offer, whether it’s jobs, secret beaches/hikes/waterfalls, or small coffee shops tucked away in the mountains. I can’t thank Ariel, Beth and Will enough for this opportunity. I will always support the Stay Work Play team no matter where life takes me.

After working with Stay Work Play, I have realized now more than ever how important it is to do what you love. We only have this one life; we must really try to make it one that we are excited about each day (I’m trying to be inspirational here). For me, I’m drawn to the wedding industry, social media and lettering. So, that’s what I’m going to strive for. But first, I’m going to focus on finishing my MBA at Plymouth and then go from there.

That’s a wrap.

For all your lettering needs follow my Instagram account @hello_raee and help my dream become a reality!

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