Why New Hampshire Fairs are Awesome

I’m not from around here, so when my husband introduced me to my first New Hampshire agricultural fair, I thought I was in some kind of third dimension where really nice old ladies just hand out heaping bowls of warm apple crisp smothered in ice cream. Where I come from, agricultural fairs do not have apple crisp. Nor are they held in the fall. So I think it’s necessary to let everyone know why New Hampshire fairs are awesome.

1. Agricultural fair season happens in the fall.

IMG_7587-1024x682Fall is my favorite season. Sweaters, boots, and anything pumpkin are my style. So when I first discovered that agricultural fairs in New Hampshire were held in the fall, I thought of course, they are. Because fall is awesome. So when deciding which fair to explore, you have the opportunity to make it an even bigger experience by catching some of New England’s great fall foliage. My husband and I will be checking out the Sandwich Fair this year for the excellent opportunity to do some leaf peeping. Held over Columbus Day weekend in Center Sandwich, you are sure to take in some great landscapes while enjoying your apple crisp. Which leads me to…

2. There’s apple crisp!

Where I come from in the snow country of Western New York, agricultural fairs do not come sporting apple crisp. You’re lucky if you get BBQ in one form or another, but there is no warm delicious bowls of apple crisp with a wonderful person handing them out to you and asking the very difficult question of whipped cream or ice cream. To which, of course, you reply: both. I think it’s important to note that apple crisp is a very New England tradition in agricultural fairs and if you’re visiting or newly relocated to the Granite State, you won’t want to miss this.

3. They’re in New Hampshire.

IMG_7593-1024x682New Hampshire has a long and deep farming history, and there’s no way to experience it like through the Grange exhibits, the steam machine displays, and the barns of livestock at the agricultural fair. For such a rock-filled state, farmers have persevered on the landscape for hundreds of years, and their mark has been left on the history of New Hampshire and carried forth in those dedicated souls who every year haul their steam powered engines and trailers of oxen and cows and goats to the fair to share this rich history with others. It is this dedication that is a wonder and must not be missed.

Don’t miss the upcoming Deerfield Fair being held September 25 – September 28 or the Rochester Fair happening now through September 21. And as mentioned earlier, don’t forget the Sandwich Fair being held October 11 – October 13.

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