NH Opportunities Knock as the Granite State Reopens

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Writing about different economic opportunities at a time when the coronavirus plagues the world and debates about racial inequality consume the country is a task as intimidating as it is daunting.

2020 Projections

2020 was always supposed to be a challenging year, but not at a level so severe. In fact the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) had predicted a potential 2020 recession, which is why last year I recommended freelancing as a source of income that can protect one against potential economic downturns.  I stated at the time:

If the CBO is right, then the negative correlation between debt and GDP could be a big part of what ushers in a period of recession beginning next year.

Little did I or anyone know that a recession was in fact coming, but one that was motivated not by a deficit of money but an influx of a biological virus. In an age when predictions by the Congressional Budget Office no longer matter as much as forecasts by the Center for Disease Control, it’s safe to say that my advice to freelance in a period of mandated social distancing was more prescient than even I ever care to be.

A New Hampshire Comeback?

Luckily, New Hampshire is beginning to rebound. Richard Lavers from the New Hampshire Employment Security office was reporting on a Zoom interview with WMUR in late April that new unemployment claim had declined 60% from its peak in early April and were 14% lower than national levels. Luckily this trend has continued throughout May to the point where almost 100% of the economy has reopened according to Lavers.

Source: WMUR

What will the post-coronavirus New Hampshire job market look like?

The point of this column is to educate New Hampshire young adults on the job opportunities available in our state even at a time of difficulty like the one in which we find ourselves. Fortunately for us, however, any optimism about future job prospects does not need to be feigned. The truth is that the post-coronavirus job market seems to align perfectly with our generation more than any other.

For example, web-based jobs like teaching and social media marketing are on the rise nationwide. If you are like me, then you grew up learning to use the internet and are more than adept at social media marketing. Forbes Magazine columnist Jack Kelly lists even more ideal opportunities for young people:

The big winners will be the online companies that don’t rely upon brick-and-mortar locations, healthcare providers, supermarket chains—especially those with a robust online presence— pharmaceutical companies working on cures for diseases, technology companies and services, such as Zoom, that cater to people working from home.

Jobs in tourism also expect a turnaround. Although some industries will admittedly suffer permanent job losses, tourism should not be one of them. If there is one thing people desire to do on the heels of being cooped up for six months, it is get out and see the beauty of the Kancamagus Highway in the Fall or Hampton Beach and Lake Winnipesaukee in the Summer.

What you can do

If you are a young adult who has been laid off due to the pandemic, then now is the best possible time to prepare for a post-coronavirus economy turning out to be more web-based than ever.

Many colleges right here in New Hampshire offer such opportunities. For example, Southern New Hampshire University grants a BS in Social Media Marketing. Some of their courses include Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Marketing Planning, Social Media Marketing Strategy and Social Media Marketing.

If the earning of a degree itself is cost prohibitive, then cheaper online courses could be enough to earn employment if they are leveraged properly. After completing the course, I recommend reaching out to small businesses whose marketing budgets are small to non-existent, and offering your services as a way of building up your portfolio. In 2020, an applicant with an impressive portfolio but not a degree is no less impressive than a recent graduate without one.

The coronavirus has ravaged entire economic sectors, which themselves are now rebuilding and especially in New Hampshire. If you are a young adult in the Granite State whose career looks to be jeopardized by the post-COVID economy, then now is the time to learn and grow as the job markets settle and rebuild.

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