NH Townies Worth Celebrating: Tim Baines

Meet Tim. He’s the owner of Mint Bistro in Manchester—the same city, where Tim grew up! Mint Bistro serves contemporary fusion food in a sleek, sophisticated atmosphere. Tim’s understanding of locals’ collective palate and personality is just one of the reasons his restaurant is so successful. (I guess, it pays to be a “townie”…!)

Read on to discover Tim’s reasons for living in the Granite State and his advice for people returning to their hometowns.

A Recreational Hub

When asked about his favorite characteristics of our state, Tim could hardly narrow his response: “There are so many things that make New Hampshire so uniquely great,” Tim said. “Living in Manchester, we are less than an hour from the ocean and less than an hour from Boston.” Tim enjoys being close to “our numerous, beautiful mountains” too. Like many of New Hampshire’s residents, Tim has a deep appreciation for the state’s distinct seasonal changes: “Our four seasons set us apart.” When reconnecting with friends who’ve relocated, Tim knows that’s “what they miss the most.”

The Independent Spirit

“There is something about growing up in New Hampshire that promotes independent thinking,” Tim said. “From a political standpoint, our state has a higher percentage of independent voters than any other state.” This statistic is a source of pride for Tim, and proves to him the impressive number of local residents who are informed, engaged, and empowered. According to Tim, our independent spirit is one reason “why our small state is continually given such a large and important voice in selecting presidential nominees.”

Making a difference

After earning a degree in Business Management from Southern New Hampshire University in 2003, Tim lived briefly elsewhere—but quickly returned home. “I would advise those returning home to embrace all that this area has to offer and find a way to make a positive impact in the community.” Tim noted the many non-profit organizations in New Hampshire, and the benefits of these groups for both their communities and their volunteers: “It feels good to give back, and sometimes people returning home can benefit from the local knowledge of these organizations.”

As a “townie” and local business owner, Tim’s relationship with his hometown of Manchester is “solely one of wanting to make it an even better place to call home.” Tim admits that all communities have their challenges but that “it is up to ‘townies’ to always be looking for a ways to make a difference. This is a commitment that I stand by and will continue to encourage in others.”

A special thanks to Tim Baines for his participation. If you or someone you know would like to be profiled, then contact me at townies@stayworkplay.org. Let’s continue to celebrate our living New Hampshire!

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