Number 31, Your Food Is Ready!

Two-Way Seafood Plate

Two-Way Seafood Plate

Working with such great chefs a few years ago taught me so much about how to prepare food and how to easily make it delicious. Use quality ingredients from the start. How can you tell when someone has used quality ingredients? One way to measure is when you don’t need any seasonings or sauces to go with your food. Case in point: The Pines Seafood in Raymond.

They’ve been getting a lot of press lately since their chowder was voted a viewer’s favorite on WMUR so I just had to check it out. Memorial Day weekend my husband and I took our daughter there for some fried seafood. When you can take a back road with the windows down, and order your seafood at a counter, it just feels like old days to me…and I love it!

Even better, the food was SO GOOD. We were kind of overwhelmed with all the options (there’s not just seafood for those of you land-only eaters). We wanted a little bit of it all so he and I each ordered a small two-way plate…mine with scallops, clam strips and onion rings. His with scallops, whole clams and french fries. Oh, I also got a cup of clam chowder, because it was so highly recommended!

Huge Kid's Plate

Huge Kid’s Plate

We figured our little one would just eat off of one of our plates, but we were surprised to hear that kids under 6 eat free with the purchase of an adult meal! Bonus! So our daughter also got an order of fish sticks and french fries.

When they called out number “31” I confidently told my husband I’d get everything. I was shocked to see ALL the food waiting for me at the window. We clearly ordered too much, but were happily ready to enjoy it.

I delivered the trays to the table along with our squeeze bottles of ketchup and tartar sauce, but honestly, the food didn’t even need that! We still had some because the tartar sauce was really good too, but you decide. While I liked everything on my plate(s), the scallops were by far my favorite. I can’t remember having any that were so juicy and flavorful ever. Just writing about them makes me want some right now.

Award-Winning Chowder

Award-Winning Chowder

So if you’re ready to drive with the windows down for some good seafood with quick service and friendly co-diners (maybe it’s just the baby with us, but it seemed like everyone said hello), The Pines is your place. I would suggest really thinking about just how hungry you are before ordering. We spent a little more than we had thought we would, but we also came home with so much left over that it all kind of worked out. Next time we’ll play it a little smarter…will we see you there? I’ll be sure to say hi!

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