Why the Number Doesn’t Matter


I’ve been debating what to write about for this week. Apples, pumpkins, leaves and other fall activities were on my mind for topics, but haven’t been on the forefront of what I have been focusing on these days. Of course I am taking part in eating everything apple and putting apples on or in everything but I’ve set my sights on something else.

Fall in New England is glorious and beautiful and one of the reasons people live in this state, so get out there and enjoy it. Once school started again I decided I want to do just that and get myself into an active lifestyle change. When I first started changing how I was eating and started walking/running and other various workouts I decided I wasn’t going to do this to achieve a number. Why do we feel the need to even focus on the number, which for me has always been what unhealthy. Everyone focuses so much on getting to a number, and in the past I have let it run me into unhealthy places.

Isn’t working out and eating right supposed to be about feeling good about yourself? So why should it matter the number. I mean, obviously I get that it is amazing to say you’ve lost X amount of pounds, but I’ve found it quite liberating to not know and just feel amazing about jeans fitting, touching my toes, and just generally feel good about my look. I am certainly not turning into a health nut, or completely changing everything about my food/eating lifestyle, so I’ve set up a plan.

Weekdays are for healthy meals and normal portions (planningIMG_20140507_155927 out meals and making lunches on Sundays is the best way to go). I let myself cheat on the weekends, I mean I still want to enjoy all food as much as possible. I don’t do any crazy workouts, walking/running, medicine balls and yoga are the current toppers, it’s just important to move. I’ve also found it insanely helpful to have great workout music (can’t go wrong with Britney), and new workout clothes. Ladies, let’s be real, what makes you feel better than putting on a new outfit or shoes? It’s the same with workout clothes and new sneakers, trust me.

Hopefully this little post will be helpful for heading into the winter slump we all tend to find ourselves in. Just do it to feel like you look good for you, the number shouldn’t be the most important, just do it for yourself!


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