IMG_2434Whether you’re of Mexican descent or not, Cinco de Mayo makes everyone want to celebrate their inner Mexican heritage and sport a Sombrero for the day. Or maybe it’s just a good excuse to have a margarita on a Monday?

Not many people that I know are aware of the restaurant tucked into Merrimack’s Pennichuck Square that offers ice cold margaritas, and delicious food…at an affordable price (bonus!). So to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year I headed to El Tapatio with some friends for lunch (ok, it wasn’t on Cinco de Mayo, but it worked). IMG_2435There’s something about being greeted with a basket of warm chips and a bottle of homemade salsa that makes you settle right into your seat forgetting that there’s even a menu to look at.

This menu is rather large and it can be difficult to pick just one thing that looks good. But if you take your time, enjoy your beverage and chips, you should be able to narrow the choices down! Like most Mexican places I’ve dined at, the food comes out quickly with a side of “careful, this plate is very, very hot.” So it’s ok to take your time deciding what you want…no one likes to be rushed through a spicy, cheesy meal! Which come in many varieties for both meat-lovers and vegetarians alike!

El Tapatio isn’t the easiest to spot from the busy road it’s on (Route 101A), but it’s worth looking a little harder for. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a wait there but that’s not a sign of bad food. The bar has recently been updated and it’s the perfect escape for refreshments on a hot, sunny day. I promise those days are coming…and I can’t wait for them! Ole!

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