One delicious business plan!

Tell us a little bit about Finesse Pastries and how you got started?

Finesse Pastries is a French patisserie located at 968 Elm Street in Manchester, one block from City Hall.We offer our customers traditional French breakfast pastries, desserts, cakes, breads and other sweets.Growing up, I was a chubby kids who always loved sweets.Later in life I discovered the world of classic French pastry.After graduating high school, I studied under Master French Pastry Chef Delphin Gomes where I was able to extend andhone my pastry skills.I continue to collaborate with Delphin on new ideas that I have.

When did you first open Finesse Pastries and what was your biggest challenge on opening day?

Finesse Pastries opened Friday, June 22nd for our soft opening and June 23rd for our grand opening.Our biggest challenge was keeping up with the demand.We actually sold out of product during our soft opening within hours, which was supposed to last us through the entire opening weekend.Our entire kitchen staff was called in to help and as fast as we could make the pastry, it sold.Not a bad problem to have.Another ongoing challenge for us will be to continue to educate our customers on the many differences between true Parisian pastry and American “knock-offs” of the classics.Many of our customers have never tasted a true French croissant or macaroon, authentically prepared from scratch.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years with Finesse Pastries?

I’d like to see myself actually being able to take a day off and not feel guilty!In 10 years I see a much larger menu, having all of the classic pastry but also being able to put modern twists on them, and potentially more locations.I am in no rush and will let the business dictate the direction and timing.

What is the most rewarding part of running your own business?

The customers’ reaction.Even just seeing their faces when they visit the shop, people are either blown away by how different everything is or excited because they recognize the Parisian pastry.Either way it gives you a little more motivation during the day and gives you a nice sense of satisfaction.

What advice would you give to a young person trying to open up a new business?

Take your time to prepare.Do your research and get everything in order because once you open, you’re open and there is no going back.My greatest advantage is my support system.My family is there every day with me doing whatever I need.My Dad actually comes in at 4 in the morning with me and my Mom to help us make the breads, and then goes to his “real” job.At your weakest points they’re always there to pick you up.

Finesse Pastries Logo

Finesse Pastries is a Gourmet French pastry shop, dedicated to delivering the highest quality of Parisian pastry. Finesse Pastries promises to only provide its customers with the freshest ingredients and products that cannot be found elsewhere.  Finesse Pastries prides themselves on the intricate detail that goes in to each and every pastry.