One Year of Ongoing Blogging with Stay Work Play

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Have you heard about that app called TimeHop? It seems to be all the rage with my Facebook friends and I see a new (well, actually, old) post on my timeline just about every day. I do not like TimeHop. Not even a little bit. The way I figure it is that no one really wants to see my Facebook posts from five years ago. I don’t even want to see my Facebook posts from five years ago. What is fun, though, is that my roommate has downloaded the time traveling app and she recently shared with me that I’ve just passed a year mark writing for Stay Work Play.

It’s been a year! Can you believe that my first post as an ongoing blogger for SWP was a year ago? Since then, we’ve learned that I have an obsession with cheese, my smartphone, and being outside. I’ve also made an attempt at being vegan, which was super fun but only lasted about two weeks. Putting my failure as a vegan and smartphone obsession aside, it has been such a pleasure to have written for Stay Work Play for the past year and I am greatly looking forward to continuing to write for Stay Work Play.

This blog has been so much fun to write and it has helped me to experience a good deal of the greatness that is New Hampshire. From persuading me to step out of my comfort zone for topics to write about to posts by other bloggers about their experiences, I’ve learned so much about my home state that I hadn’t known before. I’m sure I have a lot left to learn and I’m excited to take you all on the journey.

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