Pacifying the Sweet Tooth

It’s a bit of a joke in my family about how big of a sweet tooth I have. To put it into perspective, my mom gave me my Easter basket in early March because she didn’t know when or if she’d see me around the actual holiday.. the candy made it home with me and was all gone by the next morning. This would be embarrassing for a normal person, but I’ve embraced the fact that with sweets, I have zero self-control. And for those of you silently judging me for still getting an Easter basket at 26, I would refer you to one of my previous posts which discusses one of the perks of being an only child. You can go ahead and add Easter baskets forever to that list as well.

Anyhow, as the holidays that revolve around candy are on hiatus until October, I can’t help but to feel bad for the candy shops. So bad, in fact, that I will make the sacrifice and visit them. I’m that dedicated to our community, folks. 🙂 You may or may not know this, but the Monadnock Region has some amazing candy shops and bakeries. It’s a wonder we’re not all huge. Check out a few of my favorites…

  • Life is Sweet, Keene: I have only been to this shop a few times, and my most recent interaction was at a bridal show where they were on display in regards to favors. There were so many different options to choose from, and the chocolate was all so good, it was hard to walk away and see other vendors. I may or may not have lurked for a while, just popping sweets. Life is Sweet also has a pepto-pink ice cream truck that they plan on getting up and running to drive around selling cupcakes and candy, aka my dream come true.
  • Ye Goodie Shoppe, Keene: If I need a gift in a pinch, I always swing by this candy store. It is so convenient, right on Main Street, and the chocolate is super tasty. They have a great selection of truffles, my favorite, and it’s all homemade. Their website and google search is a little confusing with their actual location, but I promise they’re at the Main Street address!
  • Kristin’s Bistro and Bakery, Keene: I know this isn’t a traditional candy shop, per say, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Kristin’s. With two locations in Keene, Kristin’s has done my family’s holiday pie baking for the past few years. (For guests and family that didn’t know, cat’s out of the bag!) They boast 25 varieties of pies, um hello, and the ones that I’ve tried on that list? Amazing. Sorry Marie Callender, Kristin’s is in town. Another great aspect of Kristin’s is that they not only do pies and pastries, but lunches and catering also.
  • Unbridled Chocolates, Marlborough: For those of you who read an earlier post of mine, it should come as little surprise to find that I still love this candy store. I’ve been back for a delicious weekend breakfast, complete with a specialty hot chocolate- white chocolate with whipped cram and cinnamon. Yum! I’m also a fan of their chocolate shaped Buddha filled with ginger, while my mom enjoys the truffle filled with lavender. If you’re looking for non-traditional flavors covered with great chocolate, test your courage and stop by. They also have traditional flavors, too!
  • Ave Marie Chocolates; Dark & Milk Chocolate Kettle Popcorn

    Ave Marie Chocolates; Dark & Milk Chocolate Kettle Popcorn

    Ava Marie Chocolates, Peterborough: Out of all of the candy shops in the Monadnock Region, I probably have the greatest loyalty to Ava Marie. In the summer, their ice cream is top notch, along with year round chocolate deliciousness. I’m a huge fan of their chocolate covered pretzels and the chocolate popcorn. My personal kryptonite (right), the milk and dark chocolate kettle corn. Located right in downtown Peterborough on the river, this shop’s location makes for great scenery while you slip into a sugar induced state of relaxation.

What are some of your favorite chocolate shops or bakeries? I must admit, after typing this list out, I’m realizing that I know far too much about the shops close by. If my dentist is reading this, I promise I’ve been flossing daily when I remember!

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