Paddle Boarding Takes New Hampshire

IMG_8093For anyone that knows me, I am not a very… athletic person. Sure I may be a dancer, and yes I do dance nearly everyday, however I am the type of person that would choose basking in the sun over a game of frisbee.

So it might come as somewhat of a shock to find out that this summer I spent a good amount of time in the middle of a lake, standing upright on a paddleboard and actually ENJOYING it!

From what I have seen, paddleboarding has been growing more popular over the past couple of months. It seems like everyday this summer I would open up Facebook to see pictures of people trying out this super fun activity.

My boyfriend’s family recently made the purchase of a paddleboard and were eager to get me on it. After much persuading, I decided to give it a chance. It was a hot day in July and I figured if all else fails, at least I would get a nice refreshing dip.

Ten minutes later and I am standing all the way up, perfectly dry, and looking around at the beautiful scenery. It must be my sense of balance from all of my years of dance, because it felt perfectly naturally balancing on the board. From then on, I was hooked.

I guess the rest of New Hampshire has caught the paddle board bug because we now have over 20 places across the state to take lessons, rent, or buy paddle boards. With so many different bodies of water to chose from, there are locations to try it out from up north to the seacoast and everywhere in between.


This new and exciting activity truly is great for the whole family. Make the most of these last fews weeks of summer and try something new! I know I did and it turned out to be a blast.

Below are just a few places to try paddle boarding in New Hampshire. I encourage everyone to do their own research and find a location in your area!

Lake Winnipesaukee

SUP NH, Alton Bay

Lessons: $38

2 Hour Rental: $28

Saco River

Saco Canoe Rental Company, Conway

1 Day Rental: $35

Seacoast Area

Portsmouth Paddle Company, Portsmouth

Lessons: $50

2 Hour Rental: $25

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