Help Musicians Thrive in the Granite State

Help Musicians Thrive in the Granite State

I grew up in Amherst, New Hampshire and went to Derryfield School in Manchester. I started playing guitar and bass when I was about 13, fell in love with Rock and Roll, and never looked back. I moved to Montreal after high school and helped form the Grammy Award winning Art Rock band Arcade Fire. Wild Light, […]


Good Eatin’

I am no food critic and I don’t want to make this a review of my favorite restaurants.  I just like food.  I only worked in hospitality for a few years, but my experience with The Common Man, opened my eyes to new and different foods.  I spoke with chef’s about a variety of cooking […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

Cranapalooza I will sign up for anything that includes fireworks, especially when it comes with hot chocolate and s’mores around the fire pit at the Cranmore Mountain Resort in North Conway. Just don’t expect a typical day of skiing when you head to the slopes this Saturday, March 2 at the Cranmore Mountain Resort. The resort’s weekly celebration, Cranapalooza, […]


245 days. 8 months.

Dear YOU, Thank you. Yes, YOU! If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’re responsible for keeping me sane through these rough 8 months of unemployment. “Nobody said it was going to be easy but nobody said it was going to be this hard.” Yeah, I quoted Coldplay, so what?! Seriously though, thank you. If I […]



Update (2/2017): The Faith Hope and Love Foundation still holds this event annually and has expanded to serve young men and women all across the state in their search for formal wear to attend prom. FHL provides well over 100 formal outfits at no cost to students at their annual event thanks to generous community members. […]


Dueling Banjos, Refined.

Whether or not you’ve seen the movie Deliverance, one of the more iconic scenes in the file is the dueling banjos scene. If I’ve lost you already after my opening line, let me catch you up to speed with the clip I’m referring to. You can Google what happens in the rest of the movie, if […]

White Mountains

Bored This Weekend? Take A Roadtrip On The White Mountain Trail

This past weekend, my fiancé and I embarked on a trip up to the White Mountains – the perfect wintertime weekend getaway – and we drove along the White Mountains Trail. And we could see why it’s been designated a national scenic byway. Its up-and-down course explores the unspoiled depths of the 800,000 acre White Mountain […]


You can make a living making art.

You can make a living making art. My husband is an artist. When I tell people that I get all sorts of questions that typically go something like this….. “Oh. What kind of art does he do?” “He’s a potter, um, he makes pottery. You know, mugs, bowls and functional work as well as some larger more […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

A Night Among the Stars We are all dying to know what Jennifer Lawrence will be wearing on the red carpet as she makes her way into the Dolby Theater on Sunday night. But what I really want to know is, what will you be wearing? Have your own night on the red carpet with Red […]


Blogging: Good for your health

I remember each summer growing up as a kid when my mom, who is a teacher, always made me keep a journal and read what felt like a million books. For some reason I always preferred to write rather than read. I even enjoyed writing so much that it came to a point that I asked my […]