View from the top: South Baldface.

Go Take A Hike!

With the snow gone and the beautiful sunny weather as of late, I had been itching to get out on my first hike of the season. There are an abundance hiking trails in and around Mount Washington Valley that provide endless opportunities for beautiful views of the lakes and mountains. I considered the old standbys […]

morning run 1

Back in the Running!

I used to run. I was never a serious runner–meaning I never did a marathon or anything like that. But it was my preferred form of exercise for many years. A comfortable, fun run for me was about four miles. I would run almost every day. Loved it. And then I moved to a place with […]


A Big Brew, A Film Festival and Being Green in NH

Sixth Annual Greenerborough Living Expo and Festival Being green is really cool and all, but my reason for choosing the Sixth Annual Greenerborough Green Living Expo and Festival to be a part of this blog are entirely selfish and somewhat whimsical. There will be sheepdog herding. For those of you who have seen dogs work […]

Blake and Starfish

Science! Exploring NH Ecology.

Are we done hibernating yet? It seems like NH is finally warming up and people are outside exploring the great outdoors. I enjoy getting out throughout the year, but springtime just seems to be so wonderful after a long cold winter. We’ve spent the last few weekends checking out some of our favorite science centers […]

order chicks

ahhh the birds are chirping…

and the ducks are quacking? Looking ahead at the 10-day forecast this time of year is always awesome- even the low temps are enjoyable. We’ve been doing a lot of yard work and outdoors activities lately and it gets me thinking- what else can we do? I am hungry for more. Well, if you live […]


Start Your Own Business

If you want to start your own business but haven’t, this post is for you. First of all, stop thinking about a business as some huge undertaking. You don’t need to be the next G.E. All you have to do is make or do something that people are willing to pay you for, and you’re […]


From a Tour of France to Granite State Roller Derby

FashioNation Want to celebration of Seacoast music, art and fashion all in one night? Make sure to get to the third floor nightclub at the Portsmouth Gas Light on Friday, April 26 starting at 7pm for this night filled with entertainment. Kick off the spring season on the Seacoast in style with models on the […]

Lindsay and I- 2

White Mountain Wedding

“Don’t marry the woman you fall in love with, marry the one that falls in love with you.” -Unknown I have certainly mentioned it before, but haven’t gone too much into detail (partially because I don’t like to show my soft side off to the internet- I have one though), but I am getting married […]

PicMonkey Collage

Bug Juice

Don’t know what bug juice is? You obviously didn’t have a childhood. Bug juice is THE beverage of choice at summer camp. Didn’t go to summer camp? You most definitely didn’t have a legit childhood. I’m bias, I know. (I don’t know what bug juice consists of. A lot of sugar for sure.) Summer camp holds […]

Laconia Strong 1

Come together….Right Now!

It’s been a tough week. The Boston Marathon bombings, an earthquake in China, threats from North Korea and in Laconia on Friday night two families’ lives were changed forever with another tragedy. As many of you have heard from WMUR or one of the local papers there was an accident Friday afternoon and 14 year […]