Forty Under 40 Challenge

Joe McQuaid started the Forty Under 40 awards reception with some pretty amazing numbers: 12 years of honoring New Hampshire’s young stars, 480 recipients. The class of 2013 was comprised of 25 men, 15 women; 20 native born New Hampshire citizens. The professions included lawyers, doctors, business people, teachers, and community leaders. The bios of […]

(logo pulled from their website, I do not own this photo)

Drooling in the Monadnock Region

It should come as no surprise to anyone that while starting out in a new job, you are bound to have some stress. Shoot, I think that might be any job, regardless of how long you’ve been there. Couple that work stress with a high-energy and excessive attention-to-detail person in the midst of wedding planning, […]


Happy Spring Cleaning!

So you may not have realized it, but the spring season began this week. I know, it’s hard to believe given that we just recovered from another snowstorm. (Although, I can’t remember a spring we’ve had up here in New Hampshire when there weren’t mountains of snow piled up on my lawn… but I digress…) […]


Fun @ Stay Work Play

To the Extremes: The Geology of Adventure in the White Mountains With a title like that do I really need to say anything to encourage you to go check out this exhibit preseted by Plymouth State University’s the Museum of the White Mountains when it opens at the Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center in […]


Dreaming of Spring.

Okay, so I may have written a post a few months ago about how magical the snow is, and how I wanted lots and lots of it. Well, I got my wish – and now it’s officially spring and I got even more. A little bird (read, Kate Luczko) has suggested that I have jinxed […]


Happy Spring!

To kick-off spring in a unique way (especially given yesterday’s storm) we decided to do something fun with our ongoing bloggers. We asked them all the same question: Tell me one thing you are going to do this spring in NH that you have never done before. Their responses are below. See if you can guess […]


“Service Above Self”

I am sure that we have all experienced that networking can be a fundamental contributor to the lasting success of our careers. Over the years, I have realized the diverse networking opportunities that New Hampshire has in store for us. At first I viewed networking as the formal Toastmasters event where you dress to impress […]

Spring Time Flowers

So, they’re telling me tomorrow is spring…

Looking outside I certainly wouldn’t believe them. Especially because this week last year I’m pretty sure we had a beach day (& actually went to the beach). Despite wearing snow boots to work today I definitely have spring fever. I can’t wait to run around with Yaz and take more advantage of the beautiful land […]


The Evolution of Evolution

Jazzercise and Aerobics were the latest fitness craze when I was a kid. I remember seeing the Jane Fonda videos and saw exercising in the living room become the trendy convenient and fun way to exercise. I quickly understood how individuals are always searching for novel and fun exercise programs. Jazzercise and aerobics quickly evolved […]


Let me tell you a story….

My name is Beth Hutchins and I’m thrilled to be blogging for Stay Work Play! My life thus far has been fairly predictable, that is until last fall when my well-laid plans pretty much did a complete one-eighty. Now, I’m looking forward to picking up bits and pieces lost along the way and of course […]