Winter on the Lakes

Now that the colder weather has set in and my wood stove is on full blast, I thought that I would write about the ice, the chill and the snow…winter in the Lakes Region.  I’ll be honest, I am more a fan of the other three seasons, but as always the Lakes Region has done […]


Everyone has a first day of the season

Winter is here. Our shopping and gift-wrapping/opening is over, and finally the snow is here. That means that most likely, many of you will have your first day of skiing or snowboarding this week or in the near future. Only of course if you haven’t already braved the icy and variable slopes of the northeast, on almost 20” […]


Yankee Swap – What’s your number?!

Okay, so who participated in a Yankee Swap this Christmas? Don’t know what it is? Get out from under that rock. Google the rules, or ask your friend. If your friend doesn’t know, then you need a new friend. My advice when going into a Yankee Swap is to go in with no expectations. There […]

One is silver, the other is gold.

I never paid attention to people when they would talk about how college was the best time of their lives and how easy everything was. While I was living it, I was highly skeptical of this “best time”, and towards the end, I couldn’t wait to be let loose and get into the “real world”. […]


My Son Wants Barbies for Christmas

I’m curious to know how parents in NH today feel about gender-specific toys. This year, my four year old son has asked for (and will receive) the following: Barbies Mermaid dolls Batman figure Games When I was a kid, my parents were not running out and buying Barbies and mermaids for my brothers as I […]


Un Regaalo para ti!

“Calling all college students and their families! Regaalo Gifts has teamed up with local NH non-profit, the New Hampshire Innovation Commercialization Center, to bring one lucky winner a prize that could make a difference in paying for college education.” When/how did Regaalo start? Regaalo started at the University of New Hampshire but we worked out […]


Snow. I want lots and lots.

We can’t talk about New Hampshire, without talking about winter. And that means snow. I will be the first to tell you, that last winter was kind of a nice break. I wasn’t in the mood to constantly dig out from beneath a foot of snow, but this year it’s a different story. I just […]


If the Apocalypse doesn’t cometh

Christmas is almost here- meaning it’ll be gone before we know it, unfortunately. But then comes New Year’s. PARTAY. I made a promise to myself that I would make realistic resolutions this year- you know, so that maybe I’ll keep them. I’ve always made positive ones (to do something rather than stop something) thinking that […]

Traveler’s Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, when everyone and their mother seems to be offering their suggestions for gift guides and best-of lists. So who am I to argue? I couldn’t resist putting together some ideas for that world traveler on your holiday list. All of these items are practical, affordable and fun. So if […]