The Lakes Region Sledding Challenge

Last winter was my first winter back in the Lakes Region and unfortunately it was a total bust snow-wise. This year, however, we are off to a great start! Now that my son no longer freaks out when he gets snow in his face, we are officially on a quest to hit all the public […]


Work – Life – Balance….What?!

In order to go to the gym in the morning, my husby has to be the one who wakes up in the morning to get our little man ready for the day. I get back from the gym, we scamper around the house to all get cleaned up and ready for the day and off we […]


Peace and quiet

Thanks for visiting – come back soon! As winter vacation comes to an end, our towns begin to return to the peace and quiet that we all admire so much. As fellow Stay Work Play blogger Griffin LaFleur and myself have made reference to many times, our state attracts approximately 6 million vacationers each year! […]


It’s Time to Begin 2013!

In writing for SWP I have realized I am missing out on A LOT of amazing things to do in NH. We just can’t have that now can we?! How about a resolution to change?!  In general, I have found that most New Year’s resolutions are born out of a desire for a “better” life. […]

Do you have a NH Resolution?

I never saw the Old Man in the Mountain. Or at least, not in person. Having grown up in southern New Hampshire, just a short two hour ride to the White Mountains, people have always been surprised to hear that I never saw the infamous profile of the Old Man before his collapse in 2003. […]


Winter on the Lakes

Now that the colder weather has set in and my wood stove is on full blast, I thought that I would write about the ice, the chill and the snow…winter in the Lakes Region.  I’ll be honest, I am more a fan of the other three seasons, but as always the Lakes Region has done […]


Everyone has a first day of the season

Winter is here. Our shopping and gift-wrapping/opening is over, and finally the snow is here. That means that most likely, many of you will have your first day of skiing or snowboarding this week or in the near future. Only of course if you haven’t already braved the icy and variable slopes of the northeast, on almost 20” […]


Yankee Swap – What’s your number?!

Okay, so who participated in a Yankee Swap this Christmas? Don’t know what it is? Get out from under that rock. Google the rules, or ask your friend. If your friend doesn’t know, then you need a new friend. My advice when going into a Yankee Swap is to go in with no expectations. There […]

One is silver, the other is gold.

I never paid attention to people when they would talk about how college was the best time of their lives and how easy everything was. While I was living it, I was highly skeptical of this “best time”, and towards the end, I couldn’t wait to be let loose and get into the “real world”. […]


My Son Wants Barbies for Christmas

I’m curious to know how parents in NH today feel about gender-specific toys. This year, my four year old son has asked for (and will receive) the following: Barbies Mermaid dolls Batman figure Games When I was a kid, my parents were not running out and buying Barbies and mermaids for my brothers as I […]