Hello, New Hampshire.

Thank you for welcoming me on a rainy, cold, blustery day in early March 2011. I remember exactly how it felt to cross over the Piscataqua Bridge, see the buildings of Portsmouth, the fog coming in from the ocean, and the banks of my new home stretching before me to the west. And I felt […]

Boston, New York or Holderness?!

By senior year of college, you have to start thinking about where you want to go and where you are going to work. Most of the time, wherever you get a job dictates where you live, but in a lot of cases, individuals want to live in a specific place and then look for jobs in […]


My roommates.

Okay, so they’re technically my parents. Living at home when you’re 24 (almost 25 … my birthday is Saturday) and a college graduate isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. Yes, they graciously give me a food & shelter but there are moments where I’d rather be squatting in someone’s shed. The fact that […]


Hey you, yeah you. Perk Up!?!

Over 50% of Americans age 25-40 drink coffee every day. Coffee is a $32 Billion (wow!) Dollar Industry. I worked at a coffee shop my entire high school career but never drank it until I started teaching in my early 20’s. I drink it black…yeah I know…totally gross, but I guess I don’t know any […]


The newest family on the block

Hopefully by now you have read at least one of our blog posts. One of my favorite things about Stay Work Play in general, but especially this project, is that we are really trying to share information (stories, tips, news, etc.) that would be of interest to our target demographic; 20 and 30 somethings. Plain […]

Education & Real Wages

I have a master’s degree and 15 years of professional work experience in the consulting and non-profit sectors. My younger brother has a two-year degree and eight years of hands-on experience in industrial and mechanical jobs. I’m pretty sure he has made more money than me since the day he started working full-time. I definitely […]


I work out.

I work out. I have always thought of myself as someone who is very active, loves to be adventurous, and likes a good butt kicking (so I can brag about how badass I am) so I was a little shocked to step on the scale two years ago to discover that I was officially in […]


Life in a Vacation Town

You can probably gather from many of my previous posts that I enjoy “staying, working, and playing” in New Hampshire. A huge part of that has to do with the town that I live in. To put this all into perspective, I’ll back up a few steps. Upon graduating from Plymouth State University in 2011, I imagined […]


Hibernating is for bears

The title of this post refers to a revelation I had a couple weeks ago; the ensuing content narrates my post-revelation adventures. Since I can remember I’ve been pretty useless in the winter months. I’ve done it all- wondering why I live in New England, thinking about moving, going on vacation, closing my eyes- everything […]