From Chicago to Keene: Here’s why….

When I found out I was moving to New England I began looking for the best place to raise my family. We decided on Keene, NH because of the school system and we loved the access to the great outdoors. Keene also had a vibrant small town community with many of the resources and infrastructure […]


Monadnock-nock. Who’s there?

A wise man once told me I was responsible as an interpreter to build a mutual respect between nature and visitors, at Monadnock State Park, this is something I do not take lightly. To personify Monadnock is impossible, but to understand it’s varied personalities and respect its trails and natural splendors is of great importance. […]


Job Hunting and Want to Wow Potential Employers?

Seven Tips for Recent College Grads to Stand Out 1. Brand yourself: As a job seeker, you must have a brand. What are your skills, personal traits that you want to highlight to potential employers? The more you can articulate your skills to potential employers that demonstrate the value you will bring to their company the better.  […]

Finesse Pastries Logo

One delicious business plan!

Tell us a little bit about Finesse Pastries and how you got started? Finesse Pastries is a French patisserie located at 968 Elm Street in Manchester, one block from City Hall.We offer our customers traditional French breakfast pastries, desserts, cakes, breads and other sweets.Growing up, I was a chubby kids who always loved sweets.Later in […]

Corinna DaCruz

Corinna’s Five Favorite Apps

In today’s world if it takes more than a minute to load it’s too long. This tech movement is only enabled by the incredible apps that are available on mobile devices now! My iPhone is practically an extension of my right hand, not to mention I am glued to my computer, and contemplating surrendering to […]


A chat with Allison Grappone…

Allison Grappone. NH native. Young Professional. Entrepreneur. Super nice person. What would you consider to be the most rewarding part of being an entrepreneur?  Having an opportunity to create something from scratch is exhilarating. The produce will only be as good as the thought, passion and expertise I put into it. Did you think you […]


Lakes Region Drive

So this morning I have to drive from Laconia to Hampton, NH for a meeting and I’ve got a lot on my mind. I’m running late, I have too much to do at work, I’m missing my three-year old son, I can’t decide which of the seemingly millions of houses my husband and I have […]


Tim’s Career Tips … Running the Job Search Marathon

Job Searching is a competitive sport that’s not unlike running a marathon. Maybe that sounds like an odd comparison but it’s true. When you go after a particular job you’re likely to be competing with potentially hundreds of others … and only one is going to cross the finish line first; that is, win the job. So if you’re […]

Meet Katelyn Krumperman

  Meet Katelyn Krumperman, one of NH’s awesome young people! Age: 29 Hometown: Lincoln, NH What do you do for work? Currently, I work for Garnet Hill in Franconia, NH. I work in the Marketing Department on the Web Site. My official title is Digital Commerce Web Associate – Liquidations. What makes you love your […]