Paris, Prague, and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire… Crepes and Coffee

Paris, Prague, and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire… my favorite places for a crepe. I’m not sure what it is about these sweet, delicate, buttery wraps, but the thought of one makes my heart flutter. Pair that with an excellent cup of coffee and I’m in heaven.

PragueThe first time I had one was four years ago while I was backpacking through Europe. Here, in the shadows of castles and trees covered in streamers, I had my first crepe. It was overflowing with sweet creamy Nutella and I was left with sticky fingers and wanting more.

Years later during a chilly workday in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire and I was in desperate need for a caffeine jolt; at Seven Suns Coffee and Tea I found much more than that. The more I learn about this coffee shop the more I fall in love with it.

The owners are Meredith Orsi and Joe Dupell, a couple from New Hampshire that took a risk to become their own bosses and follow their passion for quality coffee and tea and what it represents to people: bringing people together. Many of their coffees are organic and fair trade certified, in addition to numerous organic loose-leaf teas. Seven Suns Café has partnered with local food suppliers, including Pork Hill Farm in Ossipee, NH. It was obvious to me how much Meredith loves the “idyllic” town they have opened Seven Suns Café in, not just by the way she gushes over the beautiful little town, but by the way they treat it. Seven Suns Café is very respectful of their community; focusing on powering the coffee roaster with propane and solar panels and composting all coffee, tea, and produce scraps.

crepeThis coffee shop has become a Mecca for locals and tourists, alike. It’s a small space that fills with conversations from all generations. They serve smooth dark roast and light roast coffee, a variety of interesting teas, ice cream, and crepes.

They have two menus: one with crepes filled with fresh local vegetables and one for your sweet tooth.

For lunch I grab the Cardigan, which is a crepe filled with pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella, and broccoli. … I paid $3 for a(n amazing) large hot coffee and $9 for my crepe. The staff is friendly.

photo (7)If you have ever thought about starting your own business check out Seven Sun’s blog and follow their story. The owners bought a domain name in 2012 and documented their journey.

This is my favorite place for a crepe in New Hampshire, but it is also my ONLY spot for a crepe in NH. Do you have any suggestions of places to try? Also, is there something you are so passionate about you would risk everything for it?

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