Peace and quiet

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As winter vacation comes to an end, our towns begin to return to the peace and quiet that we all admire so much. As fellow Stay Work Play blogger Griffin LaFleur and myself have made reference to many times, our state attracts approximately 6 million vacationers each year!


The holiday vacation week in New Hampshire has always been one of the busiest. Restaurants are full, Loon Mountain sold out on Saturday, gas is pumping, stores are selling, etc. Living in a small town like Lincoln gives me a front row seat to all of the action. Around 4PM each day, when Loon Mountain closes the lifts, it looked like rush hour in downtown Lincoln. The Common Man Restaurant had a 2 hour wait, and don’t even think about going to the Gypsy Café if you didn’t make a reservation earlier in the week.

It is thanks to these times of year that we are able to have all of these wonderful restaurants, activities, and shops in our small towns. Granted, we like to eat, shop, and play at these establishments ourselves, but it is the tourism that really keeps them afloat.


One way that we can assure to maintain these quality establishments in our towns is to keep a smile on our faces and make sure that when the tourists are here for the weekend or week, we make sure they are having a good time. Sometimes they do drive too fast, too slow, and may have different customs that we do in New Hampshire, but don’t let any of that get to you! Just keep a smile on your face and wish them a brilliant journey through New Hampshire and safe drive home 🙂

As the vacation week has now come to an end, our towns are back to good ol’ peace and quiet. You may return to your favorite local restaurant this week for your favorite table by the window, and jump back into the vacant lift lines to make as many runs as possible. Man I love New Hampshire!