Manchester Likes Crazy Ideas (#CrazyMHTIdeas)

Peddl was born after a catch up with a friend at one of our favorite farm-to-table restaurants, Republic. We chatted about work, passion projects and what we had been doing with our free time.

I spoke of my love for people, community, cycling, marketing, and operating a business. She spoke of the need for a short distance transportation option in Downtown Manchester, and told me about the call for #CrazyMHTIdeas that the Hitchcock’s had recently pushed out.

Just like that, an idea was born that would encompass all of the above; Manchester’s first professional pedicab serving Downtown, the Millyard and Ball Park Districts. Our pedicab is 100% human powered transportation.

The Quick Startup

Liz and Jeremy Hitchcock were very supportive of the idea and immediately agreed to bring their expertise to the table. Amy Chhom, of The Chhom Group, and Marlana Trombley, of Prosper Peak, were brought in right away for consultation. They drove resources to develop and execute the business plan, brand identity and marketing. Without Amy, Liz, Jeremy, Marlana, and the opportunity to be a #CrazyMHTIdea, Peddl would not have happened. Peddl became the first official #CrazyMHTIdea to launch in Manchester, proving that New Hampshire is a great place, with great people, who will help you get up and running (or peddling) right away.

Something New

Our role is revitalizing Manchester.

Pedicabs are nothing new, but had yet to be seen in New Hampshire. Many residents have never ridden in one before; it is ultimately an oversized bike with a passenger seat. Most major cities across the world have fleets of pedicabs (also referred to as rickshaws) serving city centers and large gatherings, while also providing a unique advertising opportunity for businesses and events.

The Mission

Our drivers are community ambassadors. When people visit the city for conferences, events, date nights, concerts, or work, we can tell them about all of the awesomeness that is Manchester. We act as cheerleaders and regularly offer recommendations for coffee, entertainment, performances, unique activities, family activities, fun stuff to do downtown, places to stay and more.

Human Powered Transportation

Peddl provides a unique and fun way to experience the city. Whether you are out on the town, going to an event, heading back to the hotel, meeting a friend for coffee or looking to get back to your parked car – we are here for you. We move people from place to place while our passengers can learn about Manchester’s history, enjoy music or just sit back and relax. Our genuine appreciation for the city of Manchester, orchestrated by our friendly and interactive drivers, makes Peddl a truly unique transportation service.

Expanding Transportation

Peddl is bringing more awareness to bicycles and multiple modes of transportation on the roadways. As people are beginning to recognize, more and more bike lanes are being added to our cities. Recent additions to Manchester, such as Zagster, are proving that people are choosing alternative transportation options over their vehicles. In cities throughout the world, bicycles are already a main mode of transportation for many. Through our work with Peddl, we are showing people that bicycles can share the roads with cars in a safe and efficient way.

Slowing Down and Speeding Up

Peddl is playing its part in slowing down traffic in the City Center. This may seem like an annoyance to some. In reality, it is creating a safer downtown area, while simultaneously bringing people’s attention to the many great restaurants, merchants, events, activities and more, that our downtown has to offer. We have noticed that when things slow down, people see more of the good in our city; they talk about it, stop to visit, or return later to a place that caught their eye. We don’t want a highway. We want a downtown community where people can visit, explore and connect with their community.

Let’s Not Forget All of the Fun

People love hopping on with us. We have hosted special rides for business meetings, anniversaries, date nights – with our most recent being for an 80th birthday. We are currently in discussions with customers to help transport an upcoming pub crawl, as well as a “just married” post-wedding ride. Many of our passengers have used us to get to a concert from parking garages or are people that want to do something fun with friends. Regardless of the reason it is always a good time.

Status Update: “I Feel Like a Celebrity”

We continue to receive fantastic engagement and feedback. We often hear our passengers say they feel like celebrities, because as we ride, they share smiles, photos, waves and excitement from passersby!

Our Drivers Will Keep You Guessing

One day they are dressed in a three piece suit, the next they could be a human sized M&M or sporting a Spiderman costume. Because it is all fun, people in the community love to chat with us, take pictures and invite us to their upcoming events. It really is a blast!

Sometimes we have passengers that are just as fun and creative as we are. We have had passengers dressed in costumes or asking to bring their pets along; we love this! Our drivers tend to have fun also.

In my past life at Alpha Loft (a New Hampshire economic development organization) and before that running Villari’s Martial Arts, I have found New Hampshire, and its communities, to rally around people with creative ideas and plans. There is limitless support for those who want to make things happen here in the state, and many people who truly want to make the state they call home a great place. For us, Manchester is the place to be.

Peddl is excited to increase service in the Spring by expanding to more bikes and availability. Currently, we are seeking advertisers who are excited to get in front of an audience with out-of-the-box marketing in the Manchester market.

Have a crazy idea to revitalize Manchester? Submit your idea here and maybe you will be the next #CrazyMHTIdea:

Mike Cashion is a life-long New Hampshire resident starting out in the Monadnock Region. He calls southern New Hampshire home and bounces back and forth between Concord and Manchester. Mike started Peddl, Manchester’s first professional pedicab service in the Fall of 2018 after becoming Manchester’s first #CrazyMHTIdea. In his free time, he loves to cycle, run, travel, read and enjoy coffee with friends and interesting people. Mike is an alumni of Leadership Greater Concord, Leadership New Hampshire and the Manchester Young Professionals Network‘s Corner Office Connections Program.

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