The Perks Of Working in NH

altos-pond-hockeyIt seems like we are in a perpetual winter… every Facebook post, every tweet, every person you see in line at the grocery store… everyone is saying the same thing, enough. I don’t feel the same way, I love winter! I would take a bundled up -20 morning to hazy, hot and humid any day of the week. Part of the reason I love winter is the sports. I have written a few times about how to take advantage of all New Hampshire has to offer in terms of winter sports. Now I want to tell you about my experiences.

Last month, I was fortunate enough to participate in the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournament at White Park in Concord, NH. Our company developed a live scoring app for the tournament 2 years ago. After watching how much fun the tournament is we decided to enter a team this year. Two of us in the office had played in High School, and with the help of some recruits we fielded a 7 man roster.

We went 3-4 in pool play which wasn’t enough to make it to the finals on Sunday. The one game we lost was to the eventual winners of our division. While we were bummed that we didn’t get to play on Sunday, most of us were ok with it as we were all gassed. The games were incredibly competitive and you skated hard for 30 minutes!

So why did our company enter a team? It wasn’t for the brand exposure, as the website sponsor our logo was featured everywhere on the park grounds. The reason, our boss thought it was freakin’ cool! Having a team in a pond hockey tournament is exactly the kind of thing our company does.

This was probably my first and only year on the team. I am older than all of the other players by a good 10 years and don’t belong playing in the 18+ Rec division. I had so much fun being a part of a team, skating, competing even doing a little bumping. I can’t thank the owner of our company enough for providing that “perk” to us. It is a uniquely NH kind of perk, and it is the kind of thing that the whole company can rally around. We will have a team again next year and I am sure they will win it all!

So bring on a few more weeks of winter, it will be fun!

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