Pick Your Own and Social Distance

If you’re like me and are brainstorming ways to socially/physically distance while also making the most of summer, I might have an idea for you. A few weeks ago I discovered a new-to-me farm just north of Concord and it was right in the middle of strawberry season! By the time this post goes live it will probably be past strawberry season for most of the state, but there’s still time for blueberries, raspberries, peaches, black currants (did you know these were once forbidden in the U.S.?!), cut-flowers, lavender, and then there’s pumpkins and apples come fall…

Apple Hill Farm is a lovely place just 10-15 minutes from downtown Concord. As the name indicates, there’s a huge apple orchard on the land but I was really excited to learn about their strawberry picking. In my opinion there is nothing better than fresh fruit right off the vine/bush/shrub/tree and these sun-ripened strawberries were sweet and juicy and perfect. I think the drought conditions we experienced in June led to a good crop, although I’m no expert and I’m sure they had to irrigate the strawberry fields.

Our whole experience took about 25 minutes. It was fairly busy when we got there, and everyone was being respectful and wearing masks at the entrance where you got your picking containers. Once you got out into the fields you were able to take your masks off to better examine the berries and start picking.

As I mentioned, the actual berry picking took no time at all and we had several pounds of berries before we knew it. In hindsight I wish we had picked more to freeze for smoothies and baking later in the year!

Before we left I grabbed the biggest squash and zucchini I could find from their little table next to the pick-your-own entrance, where you paid for everything. I also learned that further up Mountain Road they also have a large farm stand where you can purchase all kinds of fruits and veggies. I will definitely be returning for blueberry and raspberry picking as well as stocking up on fresh farm produce!

As of publishing this post on July 13, Apple Hill Farm is open Monday-Saturday from 8 am – noon for pick-your-own blueberries, raspberries, and black currants and the big farm stand is open from 8 am – 5:30 pm, also Monday-Saturday. Both are closed Sundays. If you don’t want to head out to the farm, their produce is also available at the Concord and Bedford farmers markets! Find the details for both here, and find more updates on fruit picking on their Facebook page. The pick-your-own field is located at 89 Hoit Road in Concord, and the farm stand is right around the corner at 580 Mountain Road.

If you aren’t in the Concord area, here is a great list of pick-your-own farms to get you started.

Happy picking!

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