Pizza at the beach is a must!

After a morning of enjoying the sand sculptures in Hampton it’s time for lunch! Now I know seafood is the norm for the beach for most people, but not this guy. I must have my Tripoli Pizza!! 070061This bakery style pizza starts out by stretching fresh dough over a large sheet pan. Who else but a bakery could make such an awesome dough? Then comes their sweet red sauce spread evenly over the dough. Last thing, a boat load of cheese! They bake it in the oven until the nice thin crust is crispy, sauce is warm and the cheese is nicely melted. The smell in this place is amazing while the pizza bakes!064 The pizza is served nice and hot fresh from the oven. I will tell you, there are only a few topping choices, but trust me, you don’t need them! You can also add a slice of provolone or American cheese on top. American cheese, pure genius!066

After you enjoy their great pizza, check out the bakery case full of great baked goods. If you’re still hung up on the whole seafood thing you can always get a fresh lobstah tail for dessert! They also have awesome bread so grab some to take home.063

The original bakery started in the early 1900s in Lawrence MA. and has been family owned for generations. The pizza came in around the 1940s and I’m sure glad it did! The pizza is often referred to as “beach pizza” and ever since I was a kid, that’s what we always called Tripoli Pizza.

Tripoli Pizza has several locations, but today we are visiting their Seabrook location at 418 State Route 286 in Seabrook.  Their phone number is 603-474-7764, or you can visit their website or find them on Facebook.

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