Portsmouth: A Tiny Bit Huge

Let’s talk about Portsmouth, New Hampshire. It’s a seacoast city of around 21,000 people. Settled in 1623, it claims to be the third oldest town in the United States. With a thriving cultural scene, it’s consistently named on “best places” lists.

But, with so many different reasons on why it’s great, how does a city with multiple (wonderful) facets create a singular brand? How do you create a positive slogan that shows Portsmouth’s community unity, while also reflecting its dual-sided nature?

That’s what Mike Teixeira and Duncan Craig, along with a band of Portsmouth-settled creative volunteers, wanted to explore. Teixeira and Craig are the Board President and Board Member, respectively, of ArtSpeak, Portsmouth’s cultural commission.

“We really wanted to capture the duality of Portsmouth,” said Teixeira. “You have this explosive energy in multiple facets of the community, but at the same time have a quiet intimacy that draws from being a historical, seaside town. The greatness comes from pairing opposites together.”

And that’s where the slogan, “A Tiny Bit Huge,” was born.

TBH_PromoImageTeixeira and Craig wanted to create a slogan that helped present a unified positive front to the outside world of the arts and culture scene in Portsmouth.

“We think that will help in several ways,” adds Teixeira. “Hopefully, it’ll unify a very diverse group of individuals, peak the interest of national artists to consider Portsmouth as a place to live and work and if successful, could help ArtSpeak fund bigger programs to support arts & culture in the city.”

The campaign launched today with a crowd-funding website (www.atinybithuge.com), video and hashtag, #ATinyBitHuge.

Right now, the group is looking for donations and help spreading the word. There are a couple plans for the money they receive, including building out a website, developing “A Tiny Bit Huge” tools for local businesses and creating a video series to showcase local individuals who are huge in their own way.

Donation levels start at $1 and currently go up to $500, with perks ranging from stickers and pins, to t-shirts and limited edition prints.

So donate, use the hashtag and promote all the reasons you love Portsmouth. And keep an eye out for more exciting things coming from A Tiny Bit Huge!


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