Quick! Before Summer’s Over

Hiking 1While admittedly, this summer has been one of the most fun and memorable summers of my life (I got married), it is almost over. It seems as though it has gone by so fast (even faster than when I was in high school), and that those hot and humid nights were replaced by much cooler evenings. I got to enjoy several days of floating on the river, BBQing in the yard, and swimming in the lake all of which were exactly what I wanted to do! However, those are practically all lounging activities! I want to get into all the things that I look forward to when the snow starts to melt.

I’d like to outline the top three things that I’d like to do before summer is over. I am sure in these next few weeks I could try to cram in tons of activities that rival my downhill skiing in the winter, but realistically I have to pick the top three. In fact I have these three events already planned before the end of the summer so this is perfect!  Try to live vicariously through my actions!

  1. Hike a mountain (4000’)- Normally this is something that I do every year, and not just one. Unfortunately, though, this summer, my pup Willow has had somewhat of a lame leg and we have been practicing low impact activities. Hiking a four thousand footer with Willow for 6-8 hours has been out of the question, but I am going to steal away for one day! Don’t think of me as selfish, it’s been a huge responsibility to watch after her (and lots of will power not to take her on a hike when Mom’s not around).
  2. Downhill Mountain Biking- While I have dabbled in this a little, I have mostly stayed on smaller, local trails. Highland Mountain Bike Park, is known as some of the best mountain biking in the state. Now I am sure that is self-proclaimed but the terrain is amazing, from what I hear! I am going to take a day, some buddies, and some bikes over to Northfield  and get on those trails! This type of trip is a perfect for an end of summer send off!Mt bike burke
  3. Camp more- I camped out in my front yard recently but I need to be out in the woods. Maybe I can tag this one onto my hiking trip and make a 2 day long loop adventure out of it! If that happens I’ll be pretty excited, but chances are I’ll just find some campground or off the beaten path area to set up camp.

Well, there you have it. The last few things I want to do before the leaves start changing color! Let’s see if I can continue to fit in those leisurely activities and round out summer nice and smooth! What will you get done before fall? Make sure to harvest those gardens and bring the leftovers to your local food shelter!

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