Revel in the Taste

I am so excited to kick off my first blog in The Taste blog series. New Hampshire is filled with so many amazing restaurants, cafes, food experiences…you name it, we have it! It seems fitting to start with a cafe located in the town in which I live. Revelstoke Coffee is located in downtown Concord on Main Street, right across from the State House. What a convenient spot!

On my most recent visit, I walked into the busy cafe, and it was clear that other people love this place just as much as I do. The line moved right along, and I was able to order my cappuccino. They have a wide variety of coffee and tea drinks available, but I admit that the cappuccino is my go-to drink. And look how pretty it is!

It tastes just as good as it looks. And while they don’t provide food made on the premises, they do have partnerships with local bakeries for a delicious treat. Sometimes they have pastries from Crust and Crumb, and one time they had donuts from the Chichester Country Store. The perfect pairing with a coffee or tea! And if you would prefer to drink coffee instead of an espresso drink, they have their own roaster to roast coffee.

Currently, they are not offering indoor seating, though when they do resume that again, it is a fantastic place to work or relax. They offer window seats looking out on the State House, and they even have telephone booths where you can take a phone call. However, they do have outdoor seating as an option. If you continue through the cafe to the back entrance, you can sit outside at tables in Eagle Square, right behind the cafe.  On a beautiful sunny day, it is the perfect place to enjoy your drink!

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  1. Kyle BattisMay 29, 2021 at 9:09 am #

    Love, Love, Love Revelstoke Emily! They are fabulous at their caffeine craft! 🙂


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