A Salsa Legacy

If you read the post I wrote about my Grandmother’s Ice Box Cookies you surely understand my love not just for food, but for the connection it brings to people. And the way it helps us feel close to those we miss.

The connection I’m talking about couldn’t be more evident when my husband and I visited the Jack’s A** Kickin’ Salsa booth at the Made in NH Expo a few weeks ago. Walking through the aisles of the show we saw some great products we hadn’t heard of before. But there was something really catchy about this booth and it was simply their excitement and passion for the product they were showcasing. We met Jacy and Carol (Nancy and JJ were there also, but they were busy chatting chunky tomato goodness with others) and they were explaining to us how they use jalapeños to get the difference in levels of heat between mild, medium, and hot. Jalapeños that you can see by the way, so if you’re not a fan, you can pick them out easily. And if you’re afraid of heat, no need to fret with the mild flavor. They were also explaining to us how the jars are filled by hand and you could sense their care and pride for their product.

I finally asked if the guy on the banner was “Jack” since he was on the label and all. Turns out that was Jack Kelly, who was also Jacy’s father and Carol’s brother in law. After years as a self-taught chef and successful restauranteur, he launched his salsa company. Unfortunately, the family and salsa community lost Jack in 2008, but by that point they had stopped production.

Lucky for us, the family decided to bring the salsa back to the market to honor Jack in 2011 and since then they have only expanded locations for you to pick up a jar and enjoy!

I didn’t ever know Jack, but after trying his salsa I would guess that he was a really sweet person who was fun to hang out with, have a drink, some chips and salsa, and share a good laugh with!

Hopefully you can help create your own memories with your friends and family over the same sort of table. Be sure to include Jack’s A** Kickin’ Salsa…you can find it at these locations around New Hampshire. Be sure to “like” their Facebook page and let them know Eat Drink Play connected you to their family and their legacy!

As always, please email eatdrinkplay@stayworkplay.org to share your ideas of any New Hampshire related food/drink/venue/organization that you think should be featured here.

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