School’s Out!


Well, almost. It’s the last week!

Another school year is on the books and long sunny days are in sight!

The end of the year naturally brings celebrations and field trips and we’re very lucky to have lots of great places for the kids to visit nearby.

Last week, the kids went to Vilas Pool in Alstead, a recently re-opened recreational area that I remember going to as a kid. Though you can’t swim there anymore, it’s still a fun place to play, with a brand new playground and lots of history! The kids had a dance in the main building and ice cream from the Walpole Creamery.

This week, they’re heading to Spofford Lake for a beach day. Parents are invited to join the students, and it is sure to be a fun day in the sun!

As a new mom to the school system, I’ve been very impressed with the efforts of my son’s teachers to make the entire school year fun. Not all schools are able to coordinate this type of activities for their students, and I’m grateful to live where we do.

The summer is going to fly by as it does every year. Pretty soon we’ll be talking (blogging?) about back to school shopping! Until then, enjoy the warm nights, campfires and any chance you get to go to the ocean!

What are your plans for the summer?

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