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You could say that I really love ice cream. Summer vacations always include a nightly trip to the Goldenrod or to Brown’s, and some of my most favorite memories of a high school trip to Italy involve multiple trips to a gelato cart. Lucky for me, but maybe unlucky for my waistline, we have many fantastic ice cream shops right here in New Hampshire.

My son’s favorite is the Scoop Shop in Walpole. The ice cream tastes fantastic, of course, but he loves that there are lawn games like Cornhole, and a swing set. My youngest loves to look across at the tractors at Pinnacleview, while he’s enjoying his melting chocolate bowl of goodness. Just down the road is the Walpole Creamery, where you can also grab a pint to go!

This weekend, we stopped into Stuart and John’s in Westmoreland. Again, the tractors won over our kiddos. They had me at “Chocolate Cookie Monster.” We’ll be heading back there very soon!

In Charlestown, there’s the Ice Cream Machine. The owner is so friendly and hands on, chatting with the customers and making sure the ice water is fresh. The brightly colored umbrellas make it feel like a party anytime you go, and the homemade ice cream is phenomenal.

When we lived in Claremont, we also had several options, but our favorite was Wade’s Place along the river. It became a common thing for my husband and I to look at each other and ask, “you think Wade’s is still open?” Their servings were always ginormous, and we at least pretended to be upset by it.

Sadly, a number of ice cream shops I remember going to when I was younger are no longer in business. Diamond Acres in Hillsborough burned several years ago, and the Marlow store, where you used to be able to grab a cone on the way to Highland Lake, isn’t an option anymore. But, as the old shops move out, new shops come in, and us ice cream enthusiasts have new flavors to try!

I’ve shared our favorite scoop shops, now I’d love to hear yours (so we can try them too!) Tell us in the comments!

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