We All Scream For…

1428175463484 ICE CREAM! Anyone surprised by that response?!

After this horrendous and long winter we had, the warm weather has us all feeling pretty good and thinking about all the wonderful things we can do now that we can escape the house. One of the greatest summer activities… ice cream hopping.

Let’s face it, we all have one place that is a go-to, it has your go-to ice cream flavor and it’s the one you bring people from out of town to. However, does that stop you from going to any other place around you, or where is suggested by your friends? No! (at least it shouldn’t) I am shining the spot light on four of my favorite ice cream places that I have been going to for many years:

  • Now, anyone who lives in Merrimack or knows someone from Merrimack has probably at least heard of King Kone and The Big One. Both classics and delicious, both different styles. King Kone is soft serve and an event in Me217189_4824151702_6837_nrrimack when it opens. I’ve always gone here and “back in my day” they had only four/five flavors, now they have crazy twists (for anyone who doesn’t know, that’s two flavors twisted together) and all new flavors. Always a solid choice when in the mood for soft serve, or ice cream. The Big One has more traditional serve with a mix of traditional flavors and fun and funky ones. I have never ordered a flavor that wasn’t delicious.
  • When I was a kid one of the ice cream places my parents would take us to was a place close to them because they would bike there when they were first married and living in Nashua: Haywards. This ice cream is pretty near-and-dear because we used to go on special occasions and get ice cream with a side of chicken or lobster salad rolls. Classic hard serve, and nice seating areas are also there which makes it nice for a “sit and enjoy” rather than a “swing by and IMG950684grab.”
  • The final place I’ll be writing about is better known, Brusters. This is another near-and-dear place because in high school this was an after work hang out with my friends (we all worked on Amherst St. at various places). Get the Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, there will be no regrets!

Here’s hoping everyone has a nice beginning to this warm weather with lots of sticky hands and big smiles!

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