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The first time I dropped my now 3-year-old daughter off at daycare, I went to get a haircut. I had been “growing it out” and the then 18 month-old had never really seen me with anything but shaggy hair. I dropped her off at the Children’s Place in Concord for two hours, got my haircut and took care of some other errands. Upon returning, I realized I had made a HUGE parenting mistake.

I approached my daughter, who was gleefully playing away, and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned, looked at me and went back to playing. I then spoke up, “Hey, I’m glad you’re having fun, but it’s time to go,” and I got nothing but a confused stare back. Then it hit me: she doesn’t recognize me! After another attempt to get her to go with me, I had no choice but to carry her out of the building. This was met with absolute blood-curdling screams and sobs. I felt like a complete monster the whole time. She was screaming, reaching for the teachers, and kicking because this poor little girl is thinking she is getting taken by a stranger during her first extended time away from mom and dad!! The staff and volunteers were all doing their best to comfort both her and me (they could see the troubled look on my face). Once we got to the parking lot and she saw our car and her car seat, something clicked, she realized who she was with and things turned for the better, but for that brief span she was terrified and I knew I was a shoe-in for the “bad parent move of the day” award.

For over 30 years, countless parents and children have had countless wonderful memories, like the one described above, at the Children’s Place. In an effort to continue providing services, memories, and support to Concord area families, there will be a fundraiser at Hermanos (11 Hills Ave., Concord) tomorrow night from 5-7. A $10 donation will allow one to eat as many chimichangas and taquitos as possible, and learn more about the wide variety of groups, services, and classes that are provided to the community at little or no charge. Members of the staff and Board of Directors will be on hand to inform one and all of the past, present, and future of this amazing parent cooperative, upcoming volunteer opportunities, and how YOU can help further the Children’s Place mission.

Come on down to my personal favorite restaurant in Downtown Concord, and make sure there’s a) room in your belly, and b) time to listen to how this place makes an important mark on its community.

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