Smartphone Addiction: A Semi Abusive Relationship

Residents of New Hampshire have countless indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy without needing a smartphone – which is why I thought that I would be immune to the terrible addiction that is claiming people the world over. Unfortunately, I have become a statistic (even though I spend a good deal of time out of doors and in nature) and succumbed to the dreaded smartphone addiction. iphone I love my smartphone. Really. I do. I’ve named him Colin and dressed him in purple and I tend to rely on him for everything. Recently, I’ve been feeling as though I am in an abusive and dependent relationship with Colin and he is very much in charge. Colin tells me when I have a new message on Facebook or in one of my many inboxes or if it is my turn to make a move in Words with Friends. He even makes sure I get up for work on time. It’s in his nature to be helpful. Really. Colin is also unfailingly by my side – ready to pull my attention away from friends, family, blog writing, or whatever else I happen to be doing when he has news for me. He is constantly jockeying for my attention, even if others are not, with his seemingly endless options for applications. I can check the news, manage my bank account, and play a game involving building a small town while giant bears interfere all within five minutes, thanks to Colin. But Colin tends to keep me up at night and distracts me from work and personal obligations. I feel anxious when I can’t see him or bask in his warm artificial light. iphone-addicted-cjr After a few sleepless nights and the nagging feeling of having to constantly check in on Colin even when he isn’t making any noise, I have decided to break up with him. Don’t worry, we will definitely stay friends. Colin will no longer come to work with me or sleep in the same room as me. I may even go so far as to stop inviting Colin out on the weekends. So far, the thought of being less connected to everything and less dependent on my phone is empowering. I am excited to be taking my life back from my phone. I’ve also done some related reading via Huffington Post. Here are my three favorite articles relating to the subject:

  • Carole Montgomery writes about her anxiety after her son’s smartphone died and he was without a phone for two whole days in an article aimed at how reliant we are on technology.
  • Dr. Larry Rosen writes about his own smartphone detox and how we need to reprogram our brains in order to break our smartphone addictions.
  • Mai Garti-Bar writes about a recent video from College Humor that details all of the reasons why a new iPhone is like a new girlfriend.

How is your relationship with your smartphone? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. CarolineAugust 26, 2013 at 1:51 pm #

    Great article ! Always fun to read and share! I don’t get cell service at work which is both annoying and probably an OK thing

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