Snowshoe Adventure Walk

Had a great time at Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center recently. We did one of their winter programs – the Snowshoe Adventure Walk. Camille, one of the naturalists on staff, was a great guide for this leisurely, family-friendly walk through the woods. She taught us how to identify several different animal tracks in the snow. All winter, I’d been sure I was seeing rabbit tracks in our back yard. Turns out, they were just squirrel tracks. Shows how much I know!

Snowshoe Adventure Walk at Prescott Farm in Laconia

Snowshoe Adventure Walk at Prescott Farm in Laconia

Our favorite part of the adventure was when Camille showed us how to “pish” for chickadees. As we were walking along she heard a couple of them and told us all to stop and be very quiet and still. Then she demonstrated how to call the birds to us by making a whispery “pish pish pish” noise, waiting 10 seconds, then repeating. After five or six repetitions, the trees around us were full of chickadees! It was really neat! Camille said that if you do this in an area surrounded by trees that have branches low to the ground, the birds will come right down to your level to check you out. They are very curious birds, apparently.

Prescott Farm is located near Weirs Beach in Laconia, NH. It’s been owned by the same family for many generations and we are so fortunate that they’ve turned the 160-acre farm into a place we can all enjoy. They have several trails through the woods that the public is welcome to use anytime and they offer great programs year-round. Their winter programs include sledding parties, full moon snowshoe walks, and their upcoming Winter Festival on Saturday, February 15th. The Winter Festival features sleigh rides, sledding, snowshoeing, and a bonfire. They run camps for kids during February and April vacations and all through the summer. All camps feature outdoor and natural sciences themes.

So next time you are looking for something fun to do outside, check out Prescott Farm!

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